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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter bunnies

Grandma and Papow are off on their cruise, lounging on sundecks and soaking up the warmth, so we decided to re-enact their infamous egg hunt right here at home. God mummy Daisy came prepared in style with her woven egg baskets and special Fortum & Mason treats whilst tante Poppy and Uncle Piggle were ready to help with the search. On your marks Phin, Mini and Woody, get set... GO! 

Phin has obviously inherited his uncle Piggle's dedication to egg hunting and searched high and low for every egg hidden in the bushes, bird houses and trees.
The cold didn't hinder Mini either, she was running around barking orders at Beckett and loading her basket
The cold didn't stop Mini stepping out in her easter finest either. Here she is wearing a wonderful hand-me-down from Natalie's girls Grace & Alice. A beautiful bow print dress and cream cardigan with her favourite patent mary-janes from Rachel Riley.

Tante Poppy lends an arm to reach those tricky places
Look at our Stash!


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We 💙 you blue kangaroo

Mini loves blue kangaroo and so do I. BK's best friend Lily is quite a handful in the stories by Emma Chichester-Clarke and gets up to no end of trouble. Although mini looks like butter wouldn't melt with bows to rival Lily's there is something of Lily's headstrong nature in mini too - so who better to have perched on her head for the Strawberry Field Easter bonnet parade but blue kangaroo.
We made him from chicken wire, then tape and papier mâché and a glue gun to fix him to the hat.
Mini walked the catwalk with aplomb and to a large round of applause.
I'm wearing you blue kangaroo!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Little Egg

Phin decided to forgo the usual super hero outfit in lieu of going as an Easter Egg to his school fair.
Of course papa and I took this challenge very seriously. So out came the chicken wire and papier mâché. Bloody hell it's hard creating a smooth spherical shape. We tried our best but it still resembled a rock. Oh well a few brightly coloured spots and he was good to go. And of course he beat those super heroes hands down.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Monkey Business

We went down to Wiltshire to stay with some friends this weekend and took a trip down to Longleat safari park. Zebras, rhinos and giraffes roaming the parkland and so many tigers, cheetahs and especially Lions. We saw over twelve cubs!
But the best were the monkeys who climbed all over the car. The kids went crazy.
And then who would have thought it in mid March but we woke up to find ourselves in a snow storm. So pretty.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Wetherby Ambassador

Phin was this week's Wetherby Ambassador, it's an award given for exceptional behaviour. He was given a certificate from the headmaster for his outstanding manners and for being polite and respectful to his teachers and his photo has been placed up in the hall for all to see. What a star 🌟

Thursday, 14 March 2013

When Mini met Greta

Today mini and I finally met up with Greta whose mama Laura works with me at Red and who also happens to be a fantastic blogger herself. Check out Laura's blog called 'what im wearing today', an insightful and helpful blog in how to look stylish and fabulous everyday at or on twitter @WITblog.
It was such fun to see mini doting on a little baby with such care and devotion. And greta was equally smitten. A true fashionista friendship is born!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Fly me home

Phin and Mini got a real treat flying to Dusseldorf this weekend when our captain gave us a tour of the cockpit and allowed Phin to sit in the pilot's seat and press quite a few buttons.
No fretting! We were parked and not at 30,000 feet and the button that excited him most was moving the seat in and out and forward and backwards. Boys and their toys!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Baby & Me

Phin, Mini and I were asked by the fantastic Baby & Me Magazine to be photographed for their special Mother's Day issue. Who were we to turn down a morning of glamourous clothes, pampering hair and make-up and some gorgeous portraits to boot (well that was my view anyway). The kids were superstars, only needing very few chocolate mini eggs to spring into action and just look at the results!
Here we all are in our finery. Me in Stella McCartney and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, Mini in a dress by CdeC, knee socks by zara and gold bow from i love gorgeous while Phineas was resplendent in Ralph Lauren chambray and cargo pants with his trusty JCrew leopard boots and H&M braces.

I Love you!
Getting all glammed up

Can i squish you to pieces?

behind the scenes looking at our pictures with our photographer Emma Tunbridge. Check out the magazine at

World Book Day

Down Wetherby way they love a bit of dressing up and what better way to celebrate world book day than with dressing up as your favourite character from your favourite book.
How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen by Russell Hoban is not maybe one of the best known books illustrated by Quentin Blake but it sure is a good one.
With brilliant character names like the sturdy and terrifying Aunt Fidget Wonkam-Smith and dastardly villains called Najork who are impeccably dressed and come up with cunning plans it's well worth finding a copy. A favourite of Tom we have now passed down his passion to Phin whom we kitted out in a double breasted navy jacket (thank you Bella at Gucci), his white JCrew shirt, pants from Bonpoint, school tie and his white hat on loan from Papoo. Oh yes and moustache by mama (Mac's gel eyeliner does a great job of staying put).
Dastardly indeed.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring Time Flowers

When I saw the denim floral collection from The Gap at their press day I went crazy for it. Lots of different sized florals printed on coloured denim from small spring sprigs to bold blooms that reminded me of wonderful wallpapers from Jane Churchill.
I love doubling up the denim in a 1980's way. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany eat your heart out!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Under pant super heroes

Whilst I was off in Paris Phin and Mini became superheroes for the day. Who says underpants have to go over a pair of tights. On your head is far more fetching.
Now why didn't Batman think of that?

Back from Paris and I couldn't help a Pitstop at Bonton. Mini is wearing her new pink neon stripe t and socks from there. What you can't see is her coordinating vest and knickers. They're a knockout.
And if course her matching Gap skinnies. Definitely a Pink Lady. Rizzo eat your heart out.

Friday, 1 March 2013

The sun will come out

The sun will come out tomorrow! Mini obviously had little orphan Annie in mind when she wore her sunglasses today without a ray in the sky. So strong was her sartorial conviction that she knew this was her accessory of the day. Her white DVF for Gap circle sunnies. Perfect.