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Monday, 31 January 2011

Mini's Mitts

Mini's all wrapped up and ready to go. She is however rather baffled by her new mitts - the concept of not properly being able to grab the crocheted lilac and aubergine flower that adorns them is perplexing. Still, these mustard yellow mittens are heavenly. A gift from the lovely Alice they are by the label, Smith and Coates who make wonderful childrenswear from re-cycled cashmere, check out their website at We have teamed them today with her ultra useful and much worn knitted cardi-coat by Bonpoint. 

Today's dress is a wool check puff sleeved number with aubergine poloneck both by Bonpoint and black ribbed tights with attached cotton ballet shoes from The Gap

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Catch me if you can

Mini might not be crawling quite yet but her twist and turn technique is being honed daily. Soon she'll be off and running and then where will our daily fashion fix be? I'm trying to get as much use out of her winter woollies as possible. Unlike us they won't be relegated to the back of the wardrobe until next Christmas and need to get maximum use. so while its still super chilly Mini will be flexing her festive knits. This divine dress is by Ralph Lauren worn with her cream tights from The Gap and red ballet slippers (almost too small now - boo hoo) from Baby Bloch.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sparkle Star

I cant help but love a little sparkle. Even in the smallest of doses it draws me in. Today Mini is in her dove grey knitted gilet from Bonton, its one of my favourite shapes and will carry her through to spring, adding that extra layer of warmth but what i really love are the tiny threads of glitter that bring it to life. So of course i bought the matching gloves and hat! Mini is wearing it with her soft organic cotton star print shirt from Karen by The Gap. Its covered in little sky blue and silver glitter stars. Her grey cords are from Bonpoint and her cream bow by ilovegorgeous. Ps check out those legs! All she wants to do is stand.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Shear'ling Silliness

This delectable shearling gilet has to be the silliest of my purchases. It looked so enticing in the store, the layering possibilities endless. Comfy and country chic over a floral shirt, the perfect thing for Mini to wear during our endless chilly months. But then i forgot she's not Phin. He never had reflux, never drooled nor dribbled during teething and never ever threw up. Not so for Mini. Instead i smile sweetly as she rubs her snot into the soft suede and thank heavens for our dry cleaner who somehow manages to scrub it clean. And the gilet, well it gets an occasional airing, waiting for the moment it can be hung clean (ish) back in the cupboard at the end of the day. 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Don't you think i'm Goregous?

Don't you think i'm gorgeous? exclaims Mini's new T, a gift from my equally gorgeous cousin Laura. Well, i obviously do as do quite a few of Mini's fashion file fans too. Thanks for embracing Mini's fashion blog and for all your kind comments and questions too. Its amazing to think we have been photographing Mini everyday for over five months now. Wow, talk about a dedication to fashion. So today Mini is showcasing her new silver grey t-shirt adorned with her rather sweet if not slightly precocious question and raspberry appliqued roses from Zara. Her grey flannel tapered pants are from Bonpoint (a firm fave but getting snug now that Mini has upgraded to size 4 nappies) and her seagreen handknit cardi from Grandma Eve.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Mini is rocking her Victorian vibe today. This dress is the perfect mix of wintry tweed in a box check herringbone but still has a feminine flair with the cream lace edging and front panel. A gift from her nanny Jenny its from Zara and i have no doubt its something she would choose to wear herself. In fact that's what most of us do, buy kids clothes that we would like to wear ourselves. Which is probably why i like Bonpoint for girls so much, its a bit hippy lux with a smidge of rock and roll and a peppering of Parisian chic and i'd say that pretty much sums up my eclectic style ethic. Phin on the other hand is definitely in the Bonton/Cos camp, more contemporary urban with a dash of quirk. We've added a little colour to the grey tweed with her damson poloneck from Bonpoint, boysenberry suede shoes by Caramel and raspberry tights from Zara, mmm very berry'liscious

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I didn't know what i was having when i was pregnant with Phin, so i only bought two things. The first was a navy reindeer cardigan with matching hat and gloves from the Ralph Lauren sale (i figured navy festive knitwear was unisex enough if you added a bow and a frilly blouse) and this aqua and chocolate trimmed cotton cardi from Wool Shed. I had a credit note in a store and thought this could work for both sexes. But it didn't. Its strange how before you have your baby, you think you know what will fit both size and style wise but you simply have no idea. Don't even get me started on the different sizing systems of different countries; France - super small so shop 6 months up, USA- large so shop with lots of growing room and the UK which actually is pretty much what it says on the label. And that's without even taking into account what time of year your child is born and whether they will be delicate flowers or chunky monkeys like mine. But its the amazingly small differences on the collar or shoulder detail that turn something suddenly quite masculine, or the reverse. I thought Mini would be wearing loads of Phin's hand-me-downs and i'm sure she could, but they really do look so boyish, sometimes even the bow doesn't help. So this pretty cardi has been gathering dust for almost three years and finally sees the light of day. Mini is wearing it with her Elizabethan collared blouse and chocolate cords both from Caramel and her tan brogues from Marie Chantal

Monday, 24 January 2011

Jumping Jack Fash

Our little fashionista is 8 months old today! I think i have to stop saying "i just had a baby!" Today we popped into Red to see the team and layout my May fashion story that i just shot in South Africa. Mini certainly knows her mind, she's strong willed and a bit of a cheeky monkey and i'm making sure i get to enjoy dressing her before she starts to flex her own style statements. Chic as ever,  Mini had to impress such a fashion savvy bunch, and her mauve and lilac jumpsuit certainly did that. So on trend cooed the team. A gift from our jumpsuit loving friend Laila by Mini A Ture, a Danish kids brand from Copenhagen worn with her ubiquitous dusty pink Bonpoint poloneck and matching tights and topped off with her aubergine suede booties by pepe for Caramel.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Party Girl

Today is a chance for Mini to showcase one of her new party dresses. Its her friend Anastasia's 2nd birthday party and Mini has chosen to wear her new dove grey velvet and tulle party dress from The Gap. A Christmas gift from Grandma Eve, the dress fits perfectly. A sleeveless shell top in grey velvet mixed with layers of tulle below, such a simple shape but very effective. Mini is wearing it with a pair of pale lavender tights from Makie, her grey fine knit cardigan from Bonpoint and her party shoes from Natalie by Stuart Weitzman topped with a lilac grosgrain bow from ilovegorgeous and accessorised with a big gift for her friend, happy birthday Stasia.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Nordic Knit

Mini's back on fashion file form in her Bonpoint mushroom and red nordic knit and matching cords. Perfect fare for such a chilly day. She has grown so much and loves standing up (with a little help from Mimo hiding behind!)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Phin Loves Mini

Phin Loves his little sister Mini! Lots of hugs and kisses and he even puts up with her pulling his hair. Today mini is wearing her Liberty print dress from Bonton. Phin is in Stella skinnies and a navy and cream tablecloth check shirt from Cos. I'm afraid there won't be any updates this week, i'm off to South Africa on a couple of photo shoots for Red but rest assured Mini will continue to flex her stylish muscles on my return...

Friday, 14 January 2011


Button owl has become one of Mini's trusted friends. She's wise and especially pretty with her patchwork coat and big button eyes. She sits proudly at the foot of Mini's bed and watches over her as she sleeps. A super stylish and fun friend by Sass & Belle from her godmummy Alice. Today Mini is celebrating her mummy's birthday for the first time and is wearing a Liberty print party dress from Caramel to mark the occasion.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mini's riding on her Pony

Mini's riding on her pony, well a unicorn actually, she clippity clops rather nicely when you press her neck and her horn is all glittery. Mini is already hooked on her belated christmas gift from the thoughtful Julie, thank you! Today Mini is wearing something comfortable for all that cantering around, a grey marle t-shirt and legging combo covered in apples (maybe a little taunting for the horsey?) and polk dots from the Gap. And accessorised with her grey glitter Bonton waistcoat, fleece booties from The Little White Company and the piece de la resistance her very own ruffled rucksack!

This ruffled rucksack winged its way from the big apple courtesy of Kristin and Scout. And Mini leapt with joy when she saw it and felt it rustle! Another gem from J Crew its hot pink and covered in ruffles, its like having a giant cloud puff on your back. 

gorgeous or what?!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sale Savy

We had originally planned for Mini to wear her emerald green Maan dress today, alas her head was too big! Oh its so sad when she grows out of her favourite outfits. Not to worry, i've been stocking up during the sales. I may be the worst sale shopper for myself (why is it that i always make a bee-line for the new stock? Fashion Editor radar possibly?) but i am in my element when sale shopping for kids clothes. Today Mini is wearing her big bro's Caramel stripe T and Bonpoint khaki peg-leg pants (already picked up another pair in a size up, i love them so) and a new grey and silver lame thread waistcoat from Bonton at the Aime sale. Its tough guessing what size they may be come next winter but well worth it.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Oh my poor children. Not only am i a huge fan of festive knits but you may have noticed my penchant for gingham or giant table-cloth check shirts/dresses/neckerchiefs. You name it and my kids have got it and in a whole array of colour ways (my favourite being reds and blues although Bonpoint did a great burgundy one last Winter). It could hark back to that whole ski chalet vibe i grew up with as a child and if so there could be worse influences! Gap always do a great range as do Cos and Bonton. Today Mini is decked out in a navy and white frill front blouse and dark denims from the Gap. Navy tights from Zara and leather brogues from Marie-Chantal.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Twinkle Toes

Mini is all excited. Its a girl's day out and we're heading for a 'sex and the city' style brunch at the Electric with the lovely Lucia followed by Grace's Harry Potter birthday bash. What to wear to such a mixed bag of events? Mini has gone fresh and floral with her brightly coloured Liberty print smock shirt from Bonton and baby pink cords from Bonpoint, raspberry tights from Zara and her brand new sparkle slippers from the gorgeous Daisy. They winged their way all way back from Morocco no less. And you'll be seeing more of them too. Mini managed to score three pairs! Now the only thing to do is to work a clever way of keeping them on, mummy's hair elastics is maybe not the best...

Saturday, 8 January 2011

City Shorts

Mini is sporting grey houndstooth city shorts from Zara today. When worn by her big brother Phin they may have had a touch of the 'little Lord Fauntleroy' about them (well they were bought for special occasions - white shirt, navy sweater, little knee socks, you get the drift). But here, teamed with a floral shirt from Bonpoint and a bright tomato red wool cardigan from Bonton courtesy of the discerning Elaine, it's an outfit that adds fun to a very grey and stormy January day.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Bunny Girl

Ok, so i know Mini is way too little to be sporting silk taffeta bunny ears. But they were just too cute that i just had to pick them up from J Crew when i was in New York. She may not fit their clothes yet but accessories aren't sizeist! Today Mini is wearing a beige and white pinstripe nehru-collared shirt handed down from big bro and ecru crochet waistcoat both by Bonpoint and a pair of rose pink cotton leggings from Stella for Gap, cream lace socks from The Gap
Mmmm... not sure i can pull these off

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Scooting around

Mini is sitting on the sidelines and watching the action as her big bro scoots around her. She loves every second of it.  Back at home now, with ski pistes left behind for another year, Mini has appropriated one of her brother's Gap denim dungarees. Paired with her Caramel Liberty print Elizabethan frill-collared blouse and Bonpoint chunky cardi she has cleverly added her own feminine touch. Mini is also now permanently sporting her amber beads (see below) thanks to my cousin Katharina. They are meant to help with teething pains, and they look rather pretty to boot.

Zooming through the hallway, Phin is a whizz on his new red Mini Micro. This years Channukah gift comes complete with bell and flashing light. Phin is wearing his christmas gift from fashion friend Carolyn. A super soft cotton red and cream tablecloth check shirt from Cos. He's wearing it under a tobacco knit cardi from Bonton and a pair of skinny denims from The gap.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy 2011

Big kiss for 2011 X

Style Snap

Our last Arosa dawn

Snap! Mini and Phin are travelling home today in matching style.  Phin is wearing his snowflake sweater from Bonpoint in aubergine and lilac and Mini meanwhile is sporting a grey and cream version teamed with baby pink cords and a frilled shirt.

Pink Little Lady

Mini is all awash in hot pink today. Casually comfy in her fuschia heart print t-shirt and legging combo from The Gap and her new pink bow and hand knit raspberry hoodie from grandma Eve.
The sheepskin booties are still a tad big but perfect for the mountains.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Snug as a a sledge

Mini went up her first cable car today and then went on a long walk tucked up snuggly in her sheepskin sleepbag and packed off onto a sledge. It was minus twelve so her Gap polar bear ski suit worked a treat and I even treated her to her own pair of sunnies.
Phin meanwhile is skiing up a storm and is pictured below riding on the Plattenhorn chairlift.