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Monday, 29 August 2011

Pizza heaven

What else are two Ton pizza ovens in your garden for? Inviting fab friends over for home made pizza on a bank holiday. Our garden was a hub of pizza making activity, filled with kids cavorting and hurling themselves at blow up paddling pools and trampolines whilst we drank pink lemonade and thought up designer toppings. Mini wore her Bonton liberty print dress which is slowly turning into a top with her red leggings which are slowly turning into Bermudas. Well at least godmummy emma's gift has longevity. We topped it off with a thanknu nod to another attendee Carolyn and her Cos necklace which Mini loves to wear. Phin in the meantime wore his new sale buy striped sweater by Maan. Love the bold colour combo to showcase his tan. But it was the ELC motorised bubble blower that received the most buzz. What is it with kids and bubbles. Magic.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bye bye sunshine

Adios ibiza. So long sunshine.
After a month of azure skies and pebble beaches we are heading home today. Cant complain but know we're going to miss the bright light and warmth. Of course it does mean bringing out the new season's finest that we've been hoarding ready for our fashion week debut but in the meantime Mini wore her Bonton yellow sundress once again, this time hoping to bring a little sunshine back to blighty.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Big hug

Minis not overtly generous with her hugs but when she loves someone she shows it big style. One such nominee is Grace whom Mini simply adores, it's not just that she receives plenty of her fashion savvy hand me downs, she's a whizz at swimming and has her very own American doll, two highly prized assets in mini's mind.
Today mini showed off her tan against this vivid turquoise and gold lurex stripe sundress from Mykonos. Worn with her matching turquoise stone sandals she brings her sunny style to our last few days on the island.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

From here to eternity

Mini is doing an excellent job of striking a pose. She simply lies down lifts her head and basks in the sun and the lapping waves. She'd give any model on my shoots a run for their money.
Today we rented a small boat and zoomed around the island of Es Vedra. What a blast with Papa steering the boat and riding the waves both Phin and Mini were squealing with delight. We even jumped over board for a dip at Atlantis. Thanks George and Will for the top tip!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Little vedra

We spent yesterday and again today showing uncle piggle hanging our little casita near the infamous Es Vedra rock.
We may not have our house there quite yet but it certainly feels like home. Phin helped his papa pick ripe juicy figs and grapes from our vines and mini Posed in front of vedra in her gorgeous Ibithencan White cotton and crochet dress.
Later we spent an afternoon at our favourite beach of Cala carbo with mini showing off her Bonton ruffled bikini bottoms followed by a beachside dinner with resident hipsters George and Will. Mini, as usual, charmed the pants of all the waiters, waitresses and even the grizzled chef whilst Phin made it his business to taste everyone's ice creams.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Red'i luscious

Tonight, after a day of sumptuous feasting at Nat's, we took the kids and their uncle Piggle into Santa gertrudis for a cafe Macao followed by huge ice cream cones in the square while watching a magic show. Phin and Mini were therefore dressed for the occasion with phin sporting his madras red and White checked Bonton shirt and B White Bermudas and Bensimon trainers while mini flexed her red floral Bonton sundress. The highlight was the kissing fest between the two. Mini sure loves her big bro.

Ketchup girls

Mini has taken to this whole lying about and sunbathing lark rather well. Phin may be a jumping jack but mini is happy reclining on the sunbed in her matching bows and Bonton pantaloons. Today when the pharmacist was no bloody help in advising me how to remedy green hair- A result of over chlorinated swimming pools, I decided to resort to the wisdom of twitter. And thanks to two fab chicks, who recommended the insane idea of dousing my kids in ketchup, it worked. After mini and Ava sat through their supper of fishfingers and baked beans with a head full of Heinz, we rinsed it out and gone was the snot green hued hair. They still smell a little of vinegar but I quite like that.

The coolest dude

I've finally managed to coerce Phin into wearing his sunnies. He said he'd wear them but since hitting these shores he's protested otherwise. Bribery always works well.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Row row row your boat

Mini loves a little row row row your boat. It's one of her favourite songs, especially when Annabel vigorously hurls her back and forth with mini sitting astride her stomach. However thanks to Ian and Natalie She got to ride on her very first real boat all the way to the island of formentera. Kitted out in her sunflower print sundress and knickerbockers from Makie, she had the best fun running around the top deck, flying at top speed over the sun mattresses, trying desperately not to fall over - and doing rather well I might add. Maybe it's just her low centre of gravity but Mini definitely has sea-fairing legs. Phin wearing his Splendid boating blues and best bud Ava loved sitting in captain Sam's seat and bossing everyone around.
The day was finished off back at Natalies with fish fingers and lots of bouncing on their trampoline.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pantaloon perfect

Today mini's wearing a new outfit recently purchased on my trip into eivissa town. Made by local women the cotton is from ibiza as is the hand edged crochet and lace that adorns this all in one jumpsuit. It's fresh and light weight and looks beyond pretty. The day too was delightful, lounging at home with her best bud Ava followed by chocolate biscuits in the dingy at Natalie's. Heaven.

Garden of Eden

We had a super day yesterday at our friends john and Avery. Their home is simply magnificent and we were spoilt from the food to the location. Mini kicked back in their pool and chased their Rhodesian ridge back with vigour while Phin clambered their tree house and enjoyed his first sherbet dib dab.
Mini wore her mushroom broderie sundress with matching bloomers from Bonton and although she normally bears a striking resemblance to me as a little girl, she has captured a look below that reminds me of my mum. And it makes me sad and it makes me smile.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hop little bunny

Mini's gone all germanic and followed phins lead and ditched the clothes. We spent the whole day lounging at home so who needs fancy outfits. Instead here is Phin cuddling little haeschen (rabbit in German).
It actually belongs to todds fab boyfriend thomas but we failed to give it back. Sorry thomas! It's in safe hands and will be returned ASAP. Scouts honour.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Ibiza rocks

Another crazy social day in ibiza, this time Mini was rocking out at the infamous Can Bikini courtesy of Chantal and Karen. Mini wore another Greek special (it seems we did rather well out of Mykonos last year) a White and gold striped embroidered dress.
After dive bombing into the pool it was time for old school hotdogs and sweetcorn for lunch followed by the classic chupa chup lollypop. Needless to day everyone was in sugar heaven.

Angel wings

So off to Natalie's for a day of total indulgence. We are spoilt rotten with an amazing chef and a private cove for swimming. Bliss. Mini is being doted on by her burgeoning fan club but remains enraptured by the big girls grace, Alice and yana. Today she's wearing another Stella number which was bought for her by Natalie, so it's only right she should see it on her in person. We all love her angel wings but Mini is slightly less impressed and keeps trying to swipe them.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fashion fiend

Mini is channelling Mildred Pierce With her curled bob and retro ruffled swimsuit from Stella McCartney. Here she is below pictured with the fantastically talented fashion photographer Todd Marshard who is visiting us in ibiza for a few days. Fingers crossed we manage to convince him into shooting this years christmas card after the stellar job he did on the last one in Mykonos!

Chubba Choo

Agh mini is losing some of her chub. I know it may not seem like it in this pic but one roll of her thigh flesh has already dissipated. She's still got her ravenous appetite (watermelon and baked beans are a current face - not eaten together I might add) but she's moving around so much the blub is being worked off. Still she's not exactly wasting away and is delightfully cuddly. Today she wore one of my all time favourite buys that stella McCartney did for Gap. It's in a size 2 but I couldn't help but unveil it early as I adore it so much. The off beat colours, the crochet top and linen bloomer pants attached. It's just too pretty and mini shows it off to perfection.
Phins not looking too shoddy himself with his Dandy Star cowboy t-shirt for Cath Kidston and his stella for Gap roll up denim shorts and Bensimon White tennis shoes topped off with his mum made name necklace for his nod to Ibiza's hippy vibe.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Grecian 2011

I love a summer peasant dress. Anything with a smidge of embroidery, crochet or ruffle always makes an appearance in my summer wardrobe no matter if it's on trend or not. And the same goes for Mini too. This super fresh cotton dress was picked up last summer in the side streets of Mykonos old town. I love the red and blue cross stitched embroidery and the crochet panels and elasticated waist. What a great find and I'm thrilled I plumped for the right size (plus I even remembered it in the back of the wardrobe after a whole year). The seventies silhouette and the handcrafted feel remind me of some of my outfits growing up as a child on a different Balaeric island and it makes me smile. Funny how a piece of clothing can do that.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fisherman style

Thought I'd put a Phin file in today seeing as he looks so darn cool in his thai fisherman pants. These yellow and olive striped pantaloons are the real deal, having winged their way back from Thailand thanks to Phins great pal Al. Worn with a khaki ribbed tank from Bonton and bare feet, Phin shows off his summer style with perfect nonchalance.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Taking a stroll

Mini took a stroll round our land this morning. Checking out the wheat field in her new Sunuva gold paisley print sundress with charming little indian bells on the ties. Thank you Emily for introducing me to your fab beachwear for kids. Sun-protective and stylish! And covering her little feet were mini's hand made leather and turquoise bead sandals that I'd bought last year on Mykonos when she was three months old. I couldn't even imagine how she would fit them let alone be able to walk.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Book babe

Glorious day reading on the beach and Mini is getting some reading in. Just finished up the fantastic 'must read' of the year - Caitlin Moran's how to be a woman. Read it NOW! Is all I can say. Utterly hilarious make your eyes weep and it will become prerequisite reading for mini even before she understands what a strident feminist is.
Now we're onto the glass castle by Jeannette Walls. A novel heartly recommended by the super special Diane and I can gladly report I'm hooked. As is mini as you can see. Voraciously reading whilst sporting her divine Paisley romper from Christine Rohde a gift from her Opi and one of our favourite pieces. Mini does look a little cerise in these pics but please don't be alarmed fashion filers. She's head to toe in factor 50 plus sunhat. It's the light and the camera. Promise!