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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Beachy Keen

First day in ibiza and it's straight down to our favourite beach of Cala Carbo. Pumping base lines and Tattooed bronzed people watching it's not. Instead it's low key and local and is the perfect chill out for us and the kids! 
I finally got my two into their swim trunks and matching hats. Getting them to keep their sunhats on however is like getting victoria beckham to crack a smile or ditch the hooker heels for that matter. Nigh impossible but somehow I managed it. Phins postcard print set from Rachel Riley was a super gift from gorgeous Angela and Jagger while Mini's matching daisy print frilled bottoms and sunhat came from JoJo Maman Bebe and are fantastic as they double as a stylish swim nappy to boot. 

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Playdough mayhem

Phin has discovered playdough. He's kneaded it before but he's finally mastering the whole cutting, rolling, splicing and squidging thing and he's loving it. Mini on the other-hand just likes ransacking her big bros room. Today Mini is truly resplendent in her fuchsia pink origami dress by Zara given to her by our nanny jenny. It's her last day with us so it's only fitting that Mini showcases such a great gift again.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Digger style

Mini has appropriated Phins tractor slash digger and although her feet don't quite reach the pedals she is keen to drag her big bro around the garden in the little trailer attached. Phin being the lad of leisure that he is doesn't mind a jot. Minis wearing her Gap cornflower eyelet dress and Phin is checked out in Cos.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sand pit duty

There's nothing mini likes more than building up her empire, sandcastle by sandcastle.
Today she's trying to bring on the sunshine with her cream broderie and lace trimmed dress from tante poppy by the Gap.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pack it all in

We've been spending the day packing all our gorgeous holiday clothes that haven't had much of an outing as yet. We're off on Saturday and although it's a tad early to have everything packed, when your dealing with two kids and easy jet which doesn't give little min and her enormous wardrobe any baggage allowance at all!!!! Creative packing comes into force. Thank heavens it's my job. Yes a stylist is ultimately a glorified packer, steamer and Dresser.
Today Mini is wearing Phins old diesel denim skinnies and an old Bonpoint rose print blouse and crochet waistcoat. Check out the fingers placed nonchalantly in her side pocket. Fierce posing. Tyra would be proud

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunscreen's A Must!

Mini is adhering to every beauty editor, facialist and government guideline in sight by making sure she applies and then re-applies her sunscreen. In fact I think the heavy handed approach was Phins idea but then she didn't seem to mind.
Today we were embracing the sunshine (a first for weeks - well what can one expect - it's July in the united kingdom!) at the vivacious Annabelle, ava and Toby's retreat in Duxford. A little bit of heaven on the River Thames when it's a stream - before it actually becomes the meandering monolith of london. So we dipped our toes and had a blast.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Georgia Peach

Mini's looking peachy in her party dress, a not to be sniffed at hand me down from Grace and Alice. Being from Bonpoint it's scrumptiously gauzy and has all the perfect little touches like a smocked front, pie crust collar and puff sleeves complete with matching bloomers. The occasion was her friend Zac's first birthday bash and Phin came along for the cake, a jolly looking baby blue dragon confection. Face painting was the order of the day with mini opting for a simple flower with a dash of glitter (an excellent foil for her awful bruised cheek) while Phin plumped for a fire breathing dragon.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Pantaloon Princess

Mini's pink pantaloons are a serious fashion statement. Part MC Hammer part fisherman pant they come from the Prestons via Thailand and are perfect for summer dressing. Light weight and roomy they certainly pack a punch. We've teamed it with her pink heart body from Bonton for a pretty take on her Kung Fu style.

Rain rain go away!

Rain rain go away come back another day! Is it summer? No! It's Britain and it's freezing and the heavens have opened and despite living here for over thirty years I'm still unprepared for a British summer. Mini and I were out for a jaunt in st johns wood with pal Noah and mum Shelley and it poured and while it poured mini exploded. Or rather her nappy did. Twice today thanks to her teething, so although she started out the day in her purple cherry jumpsuit she then switched to her Makie dove grey polka pantaloons and finally she ended up in her brand new Gap star print leggings that I had bought that afternoon. Amazingly they still went with her original outfit and her new mushroom toned Quinny. Now that's coordination for you.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Going Dotty

We've gone a bit dot crazy today. Channelling next season's polka dot trend. It may have been everywhere on the catwalks from Paul Smith to Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney Mini however is ahead of the curve in her Bonton pink and taupe spotted vest worn under a linen dress from Caramel. This dress is so short it regularly reveals her cotton voile spot bloomers and her fantastic pink and White polka slippers. Spotastic!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hanging on the telephone

Mini loves to chat. As with any toddler the lure of a telephone is immense and Mini loves to pick them up and have a natter. After swiping my iPhone and promptly disregarding it under a pile of laundry for me to spend twenty minutes searching for she then nabs the home phone.
Today Mini is spending some time at the office with me and as every Red reader knows, the Red fashion team love a stripe. With that in mind Mini fit right in with her navy and White Breton striped bubble hem dress from The Gap worn with her red Bonton leggings and h+m red polka 1950's shades and White Mary Janes. Just wish the sun had been shining.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Days Away

We've been to Germany visiting Mini's great grandmother otherwise known as uhr Omi or Mimi for short. She was recently usurped as the youngest great grandchild by little Lea who is three months old. Mini had loads of fun at the local petting zoo with her cousins where the miniature goats and lamas loved eating from her hand. Mean whilst the big distraction back at Mimi's was tipping out and then putting the caramels back into the sweetie bowl, Mini soon learnt how to unwrap them and pop the sticky spheres into her mouth. Let's just say uhr Omi had a big fan.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Wistful thinker

It could just be the new teeth coming through but Mini is looking rather wistful today. She's all about hugging and resting her head on my shoulder. I'm not complaining, I get extra cuddle time.
Today mini is sporting yet another one of her summer dresses. An apple green floral print ruffle sundress from The Gap. My niece Talulla is flummoxed as to why Mini always wears dresses. This isn't quite true, as you fashion filers know, Mini has been known to rock her skinny denims and tapered cargos as well as loving a playsuit. However like her mother when summer comes around there is nothing fresher to wear than a simple summer dress.

Whizz Kids

What better way to celebrate uncle George's birthday than with a picnic in the park with her cousins. Mini was wearing her gorgeous red and white gingham sundress from Little Koala with its matching knickers and red bow for the occasion. She has this uncanny knack of doing that Roman'esque lounging thing. she weirdly lies on her side, propping her body up with her elbow and then proceeds to eat a rice cake whilst lounging. super bizarre but perfect picnic style.

On our way home this afternoon, we stopped by Natalie and her eldest daughter Grace, who kindly gave Mini a ride in her Barbie style electric jeep. Talk about a Malibu ride, we strapped her in and she whizzed around, circuit after circuit squeeling with delight.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Party dress II

There's nothing like a true and proper party dress. Where as dressing little boys like little lord Fauntleroy is an absolute no no unless you're Liz Hurley, dressing little girls in retro smocked party dresses with pie crust collars and big bows like this cherry embroidered one from The Linen Shop is divinely darling.
The reason for today's confection was swim bud Noah's first birthday party. Mini helped herself to chip sticks, strawberry wafers and victoria sponge cake. Yum.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baby and Me

Mini loves babies. Real babies too but especially the plastic kind. She has a compact vocabulary; mama, papa, mehr (more), hi and bye but her favourite is baby. Pronounced behby with a strong Germanic slant. She adores them and has appropriated this enormous one from big bro Phin who I think may have stolen it from cousin Talulla. None the less it now sports a Swarowski eponymous t-shirt and is proudly his, although on loan to mini. It's bloody heavy and she can barely lift all that plastic but she somehow finds it's bald head a comfort to cuddle against, despite me thrusting more beautifully attired and softer dolls in her direction.
Today she is in her Stella denim cut offs with a lilac horse printed Dandy t-shirt and her Aubergine booties from Pepe for Caramel.

Flower Fairy

Little min spent today in the garden playing with her stacking tower and wooden farm animals. Keeping with the theme of all things floral Minis cobalt blue Bonton dress was accessorised with her colourful flower garland. A nick knack we pilfered from Ava and Annabelle's back in Ibiza, provenance unknown although i seem to remember it coming from either the local supermarket or Primark. Not surprising from the woman who introduced me to the wonders of Poundland (an utter treasure trove for quick school assembly/play/Easter bonnet parade solutions).

Sunday, 10 July 2011

First party dressing

There are a flurry of first birthdays happening as Mini's friends celebrate their first twelve months with friends and family. Today's was Tabitha's turn with a old school style tea in an elegant communal square. Mini wore her White smocked puff sleeved dress adorned with antique pink roses from Marie-Chantal. I love that it's getting a smidge too small so that it puffs out perfectly at her waist and the shorter length gives it a Milly Molly Mandy feel (ps thanks grandma Eve for the book, Minis going to love reading it).
By the end of the afternoon mini had smeared strawberries down the front and baked bean sauce in her hair but hey nothing beats a soak in Napisan to bring her dress back to life for the next party.

Guess who's back?

Hello again fashion filers. Mini is back after a few days break. Of course she was as ever on fine fashion form, I however was in Sweden shooting glorious knitwear for Red and unable to document her sartorial choices. Rest assured we have a week of star styles for you.
Today Mini had planned to wear one of her glorious party dresses to little Billy Miller Steeden's christening, however his big bro Sam's outbreak of chickenpox put an end to that and instead she opted for her Gap hand me down denims paired with a floral ruffle collared Bonpoint number with red bow accent to run around the local jungle gym, her Chloe jacket against possible rain showers and a Dr. Karg cracker in hand for an energy boost. All good to go...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Busy days

Mini's a busy bee. She loves hanging out in Phins bedroom, picking up his pyjamas and rearranging his clothes, sipping from his water bottle and reading his books. Noggin the Nog's Viking escapades are a firm favourite. And Phin is pretty chilled about this new bedroom interloper, he just lies in bed and watches the busy bee at work. Today mini's wearing her super cute denim short dungarees from The Gap with her MC frill collar shirt, White Mary janes and her lime green bow.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Check Mate

Mini and big bro Phin were having a chess off today at grandma Eve and papow's house. There to celebrate grandmas birthday with a scrumptious home cooked lunch with produce from Papow's kitchen garden, Phin and mini galavanted around the fields and thoroughly enjoyed moving their giant chess pieces randomly around whilst draining the rainwater from their bases. Strange but compelling fun.
Mini wore her reversible gingham/floral dress from her grandma for the occasion. Picked up at the local Wealdon Times Summer Fair this super flouncy and fun sundress is perfect for messy girls. Un pop the poppers, peal it inside out and voila those stains have disappeared.
Meanwhile mini has a few semi permanent stains to speak of herself. Our little power walker tripped yesterday rendering her little nose worse for wear. Rudolf has come a little early.