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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Peppa Party

Today was Mimi & Tati's birthday. Two of her best friends were turning two and phin and Mini were on hand to celebrate with the help of Peppa Pig and George. There was musical muddy puddles and pass the parcel as well as painting your own Peppa piggy bank.

Then it was time to attack the chocolate fountain

how much can i get in my mouth?

Home made birthday cakes for each girl

this is the best fun ever

Mini in her new floral skater skirt from Belgian label Maan, phin's old Stella yellow baseball t-shirt and her paprika orange Bonton cardigan and Zara bow shoes, while Phin is in his go-to party outfit - Batman. The perfect attire for dancing with Peppa & George

Let's dance!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dri Dri Heaven

Phin had a special treat with mama today. Not only did we go to the zoo with mini, godmummy Daisy and Woody but i also took him for an ice cream lesson at Dri Dri with his friend Jagger and some of his Strawberry field's crew. They do group lessons at their strore on 189 Portabello road for kids over 4 for £15 per head.

First job was juicing the lemons

then it was time to puree the strawberries with a blender

now put it in the giant ice cream maker
now add the water
more blending... add some sugar and flour
now for a spot of guess the flavour while the ice cream is churning


is that a big enough spoon? is our strawberry sorbet ready?

Clipperty Clop

With the heat wave still searing, we took the opportunity to whip out last year's Stella for Gap linen romper suit with crochet halterneck. It still fits and looks fab especially when paired with her Stella red cork sandals for that 1930's starlet style.

Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch found its way outside our door on Thursday and we couldn't help but get excited t having our photo taken with the olympic torch bearer

changing of the torch bearer outside our house

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fashion meeting

Mini was my partner in crime today for my fashion meetings. First on the list was a breakfast with Hannah discussing our favourite US fashion label JCrew's imminent arrival. Mini certainly looked the part in her C de C floral blouse and matching shorts and her new Stella red wedges I picked up in last year's sale. Even her scabby knee from a catastrophic fall couldn't dent her style. But her fashion interest soon wained and Hannah enticed her instead with her favourite friend Peppa Pig on you tube.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Graduation Day

Today was Phin's day to shine. It was his graduation ceremony and he was so excited, he was literally bouncing off the walls. Firstly it was held at 6pm which meant this was going to go way beyond his bedtime. And then there was the case of everyone dressing up in their red gowns and mortar boards. 60 four year olds all waiting in line to collect their scrolls, a medal and a round of applause was too much and sent me weeping. Here Phin is collecting his diploma.
Cute little strawberry fields cupcakes for after the ceremony
check Phin out in his summer suit. A grey and cream seersucker suit from JCrew worn with his pale grey suede JCrew boots and a grey marle Cos T-shirt. Look at my medal!
The perfect student
Green Class 2012. Phin is bottom row, last on left. 


Teacher Treats

What to get the teachers for their end of term gift? And its not just end of term but end of forever at Strawberry Fields. The big guns had to be pulled out, and that meant Anya Bespoke. The team there went into all out action helping to bring the gift in on time. We plumped for silver leather frames with handwritten embossing in black for the teachers and cream leather with silver script for our dynamic headmistress Mrs Turner. And as an extra special treat Papa sprang into action and used his editing skills to craft together the sweetest most heartfelt thank you DVD from the class.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Delphinium Diva

After a crazy morning swimming at Papoo's with eleven kids including all her cousins it was off to Regents Park Rose Garden Cafe for lunch.
A spot of running round the park revealed the glorious delphiniums resplendent in every hue of lilac. Phin was in his Caramel denims, new Superga blue tennis shoes and yellow stripe Bonton sweater while Mini serendipitously wore her Stella McCartney for Gap puce handkerchief hem dress coordinating beautifully with the blooms.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Yto Barrada

My gorgeous cousin Tamara (well i've been trying to get her married into the family) gave me a personal tour of the Moroccan artist Yto Barrada's show at The Pace Gallery in London's Lexington street. Due to end on July 14th i cant stress enough how you should head down for a ten minute look into her creative mind. Photography, light sculptures, wall paper and even a working mechanical model make up this exhibition, showcasing her undying love and obsession with palm trees.
Yto's grandmother's phone book blown up to giant proportions. Illiterate, her secret drawings and code make for heartwarming and heartbreaking moments
Did she make this for me?
Don't Miss Out!!!!