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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Caramel Chick

We love the cool and quirky label Caramel. A little bit Marni a little bit vintage it's got a retro vibe that harks back to England in the 30's but at the same time their off beat prints and colour combinations make this a very modern label. I'm mad about these linen chequer board print pants in slate blue and bitter chocolate. They can be worn with everything from a simple sweater or tshirt or paired with a mismatched blouse the way mini is wearing them today.
Perfect for a day out at Blueberry music group.

Cheeky Smile

Minis papa is the biggest denim fan, nursing a love of the fabric that boarders on obsession. Mini isn't quite up to his double denim antics, although watch this space. today she's wearing Phins old Gap denim shirt with a nod to her mamas 70's heritage. Worn with a Pacha cherry t, red Bonpoint jeans a Gruffalo badge, plimsoles from H&M, her hair in bunches and a cheeky smile!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Party time

It was papas birthday and to celebrate we simply ate our way through the day. From our homemade hummingbird carrot cake complete with cream cheese frosting, red hearts and glitter dusting for breakfast served with a delectable rendition of happy birthday by the dynamic duo of Phin and mini.
We then followed it up with a birthday brunch at the Dealuney with Papow, grandma eve, tante poppy and uncle Piggle. Again much over eating ensued. Phin rocked a chic geography teacher vibe with his Cos blue shirt and toffee cardigan worn with his caramel chocolate jeans and a Zara herringbone blazer while mini sported her Caramel chocolate and cream checked skater skirt, cappuccino floral blouse and Bonton burnt orange cardigan for the occassion.
It was then off to Clivedon for tea to meet the Livingstones and join in their birthday celebrations and a tour round the magnificent gardens before driving home and rolling into bed.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

American Diners

As a special treat papa and mini joined Phin and my weekly luncheon at Westfield. Its normally a time for us to have some quality alone time, but sometimes its good to have gatecrashers too! And So we settled on American Diner style restaurant Byron Burger. We went all out with our burger (they do great veggie one too which tom loves) and fries, milkshakes and ice cream Sundays and of course the kids were in heaven. Phin was ready for his little gym class wearing his grey tracksuit bottoms from Cos and green zipper sweatshirt from Dandy Star. Although i dont quite know how he manages his backflips over the monkey bars on such a full stomach. Meanwhile Mini was wearing a gorgeous red and cream babydoll top by Marc Jacobs, a perfect hand-me-down from friends Grace & Alice, layered over a Bonton poloneck and cardi. If it still fits her come summer it will look adorable paired with a pair of red bloomers or denim shorts.
And finally a new portrait of the fifth family member. Beckett is becoming more handsome, raffish and self assured by the day.

Friday, 24 February 2012

A tale of two dresses

I'm afraid I'm hijacking part of minis blog today with me and my fashion. I just had to, I've had two consecutive nights of feeling utterly glamorous and beautiful through two very different dresses and it proves to me how the right dress can make you feel fabulous.
The first was loaned to me by Clements Ribeiro from their new cruise collection for a private dinner at Selfridges new Designer Hall in aid of FilmAid, a charity that screens films at Refugee camps throughout the world.
Cream lace with sequin detail to look like feathers it's elegant yet comfortable and is even named after me! What an honour.
The second was loaned from my oh so glamorous wing woman Natalie. First worn by Emma Stone at the Golden Globes it's been my dream dress since then. Who knew it was lurking in Natalie's closet and that I'd get to wear it to The Almeida Theatre Gala. A little overdressed for the event, possibly. But the vibrant tomato red and the swishing silk skirt with its racy split simply made me smile.
Mini in the meantime wore her lilac cotton ruffle dress from J Conran for Debenhams. Always a great collection at good prices and super quality. Mini and her BF Ray had a successful morning swimming, doing an enormous amount of underwater dives and egging each other on. Healthy competition I say. And it must be love. Ray never sits for a photo. But holding Mini's hand seems to have helped.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fashion mayhem

Last day of london fashion week and I decided to not take mini to the Anya Hindmarch spectacle. Partly because I thought she'd prefer blueberry music with pals Mimi and Tati but so I could savour every moment of Anya's factory merry-go-round (see below). With all her new collection bags and shoes appearing and disappearing on a conveyor belt and ferris wheel powered by the cycling designer herself. it was simply an experience too fantastic to miss.
So mini sported her Bonpoint grey flannel pants, ruffle collared blouse and Bonton orange cardi with a 1930's air while I rocked my new sparkle brogues curtesy of jimmy choo.
The night before was another glam affair at the Osman show. Wearing a claret knit from cool French label Carven, an old Miu Miu bubble skirt, jimmy heels and a leopard Anya h oversize clutch it was me and the girls front row followed by dinner at the Delauney. Now that's a night out in style!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Double Denim

It's london fashion week again and although I'm off working, it makes things more fun bringing mini along to a few shows. She's a dab hand at them now and adores hanging out with team Red.
Today was her chance to check out the new Topshop Unique collection at old billingsgate market and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Dancing on my lap to the beat of Blondie, she followed every runway look from the oversize military coats to the sequin panelled cocktail dresses.
We were both channelling a paired down double denim look for Sunday. Me in my earnest sewn jeans, tom's JCrew chambray shirt and Isabel marrant oversize blazer. While mini worked her Cos denim tunic dress around her Chinese silk shoes, a gift from her godmummy Alice all the way from China. She LOVES them and proudly displayed them to the Fash pack with great nods of approval.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Adieu Arosa

Our last day in Arosa is always a sad one. Bidding farewell to our favourite winter paradise is tough, especially when we won't be back for another nine months. But we were lucky to grab this sneaky week away so who are we to complain. Plus leaving on such a sunny high is always uplifting.
We all managed to do some skiing before a farewell lunch at our favourite mountain restaurant, the Gspan complete with apfel strudel and vanilla sauce. Tom and I then each picked up one of the kids and carried them home for a last run down. Mini was exhilarated, shouting more mama more! Definitely a skier in the making.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mini and the clip clops

Mini is obsessed with clip clops. Horses that is, and especially the ones that walk up the mountain with their bells ringing whilst pulling a sleigh.
Well Phin and mini got to ride in one today. It's something I was never allowed to do as a child, so what better way to exorcise my own childhood inadequacies than by spoiling my own brood with a horse drawn sleigh ride up the mountains to a charming little restaurant for a night of fondue and raclette. Papa was in cheese heaven needless to say and mini's been dreaming of her ponies and mumbling clip clop clip clop in her sleep.

Pineapple Ponys

Phin has been Excelling at his skiing. From jelly legs at the start to now being able to ski snowplough in front of me, I'm a really proud mum. His sense of direction isn't maybe the best, so when he's not skiing with his big bear teacher Pierre, I have him in ski reigns so he doesn't career off the side of the mountain.
Mini meanwhile is enjoying her sledging a little more and she's especially loving her big cousin talulla. We all had a last night knees up before they headed back to tel aviv and the boys for some reason decided pineapple ponytails was the look du jour.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Travel pros

This post is a little out of kilter date wise but I thought the pics were too cute to pass up. Phin and mini were utter pros travelling to Switzerland via plane and then three trains. Mini in her peach cords from Bonton and Bonpoint Norwegian knit and Phin in his Ralph reindeer sweater, last chance to wear those Christmas knits!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Strawberry shortcake

Phin and mini are in utter heaven this week. Arosa, snow and best of all their cousins. Mini is smitten with eldest cous' Talulla, who thinks our little strawberry actually looks like an Umpaloompa. Mini holds her hand and follows her everywhere. And with all these big cousins in town Mini has already managed to inherit a new skisuit by Columbia and matching red moonboots both from cousin Ben. All this getting dressed (it's minus 20 so there are plenty of layers) was wearing the two of them out but mini did manage a little tour of the Obersee before lunch. What a view for our strawberry shortcake.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Mini had a special end of term show at little gym today. Wearing her glitter love sweatshirt from Dandy Star for the occasion, she was awarded her very first medal for her gymnastic prowess. And boy was she thrilled. She was beaming all day, refusing to take her medal off whilst acting like a true athlete and kissing it passionately.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow & Bubbles

We couldn't pass up building a snowman with the abundance of snow that fell last night! (a full inch and a half) and although the temp was already rising by 9am we all headed out decked to the nines in our quilted jackets and wellies. Our snowman was huge (mama and papa got a little carried away if truth be told) and ever the stylist he was dressed debonairly in a striped scarf, beret and top shop heart shades. Unfortunately five seconds after this pic was taken he collapsed in a giant heap, global warming or bad construction who knows?!
Later in the day best chum Sam and little bro billy came to play, have a bath and sleepover while the parents enjoyed Almodovar and Ice cream. Sunday classic.

Splish splash

Swimming at Papoo's is a Saturday ritual not to be missed. Spinning around in papas arms, getting giddy and splashed while Phin practices his reverse 'dead man' floating. Fun stuff. Then it's off to lunch together. Mini is decked out in another bonny Bonpoint number, this time a baby pink cord dress hand-me-down from Grace and Alice worn with one of Phins old Caramel cashmere polonecks and her Stella for Gap crochet leggings.
With minis hair getting longer, the bows are not only getting bigger but we're experimenting with hair styles too. I'm loving this pulled back 'Pollyanna' look.