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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Little Boden Girl

We're big fans if Mini Boden here at minis fashion file. We've been itching to wear a few of our new spring summer pieces.
Mini loves her new polka dot bright yellow shorts with cute heart pockets on the bottom and I love her striped Breton mixed with the postcard print skirt. And their shoes are fab. Not expensive and a great choice of summer sandal. The perfect outfit from top to toe.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Ibiza in spring

We are back in ibiza again but this time it's spring. And it's quiet. The roads are empty, the beaches deserted and the restaurants closed. Brilliant.
So our days are filled with skimming stones on our favourite beach at Cala Carbo, making paper fighter jets and building tents.
Idyllic bliss.

Ibiza in spring 2

Ibiza in spring 3

Little Ottilie is growing fast and loving the fresh air and sunshine. It's also been fun for me to get some of minis old summer clothes out of storage as well as dressing her in a few if the Gap Paddington bear pieces I picked up.
Tom is also enjoying the fresh air, especially in the morning when I rope him into some yoga. Check out his crow pose. Pretty impressive!

Ibiza in spring 4

My friend and fellow blogger Jemima from 'Musings from a London Mum' posted a pic of herself in a pair of Primark dungarees. Well I was hit by a sudden urge to get a pair. What an earth was wrong with me?
Well, Jemima looked fantastic in them and it gave me the confidence to head down to Oxford st and try a pair out for myself. Needless to say they had sold out so I didn't give up and headed straight into Zara. E voila. I took them away and wore them on holiday. Posting my own pic on Instagram too, garnering a few likes to boot. And surprisingly I haven't taken them off.