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Friday, 26 June 2015

The Fantastic World of Fermoie

This isn't really the normal post to do with either mini or anything remotely related to kids but it's something I'm so passionate about I had to do a little post. 
I had the privilege of visiting the factory in Malborough of my favourite fabric company Fermoie this week. As many of you know I've kitted out my new kitchen living room in london with their fabrics as well as my new home in ibiza and when I mentioned to them that I was going to now reupholster our old Seat 600 in their new Chiltern linen they could sense they had a Fermoie fanatic on their hands
They is the Chiltern Linen that will cover the Seat 600 seats
I had studied fashion and textiles at St Martins school of art and have always done my own screen printing but this was on another level. It was the perfect merging of creativity, old traditions with technology. And the result is a range of beautiful fabrics on cotton or linen, in every shade of the rainbow with original and inspiring prints. Thank you Fermoie for letting me watch with wonder.
Here is their wall of swatches. I want everything!

This one machine prints everything from start to finish. Its hypnotic to watch.
They colour match everything that is printed.
Once printed the fabrics rolls up and under a huge furnace which cures the fabric and sets the colour.

This is their cutting machine, which measures, rolls and then cuts the fabrics with the aid of a magic eye and a scalpel. I was enthralled.

Everything at Fermoie is printed to order but for the fabric that doesn't quite make the colour grade this is where it goes. And its my idea of heaven.

I used their Barmillion fabric for my Living room curtains

And their York stripe for my kitchen blinds and their plain Linen in Clean Slate and cushions in Horizon for the banquette.

I ended up buying some of their lilac cotton Fermoie - Plain in L208 to make up two footstools in our house.