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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Brighten up a dull day

We went full on colour this morning to brighten such a dull dull day. How many shades of hot pink, peach and fuschia can we add together? First there's her cranberry velvet shoes from Bonton, her neon pink socks from H&M, and phin's old peach denim from The Gap.
Next up we layered her floral pink blouse from Bonton over a lilac poloneck
And finally we added her JCrew pearls with their neon orange gros grain ribbon
Now will you excuse me i have to take this call...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snot nose

Ah yes. It's that time of year when little noses run and run and run. It's like a never ending flow of snot in our house but mini is mastering blowing and tissues with aplomb.
She's super snug in Grandma Eve's chunky ribbed sweater originally knitted for Phin and worn with her Caramel checked skirt, tights and uggs. Snug as a (snotty) bug.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Funny Face

Oh what a funny face. Mini wore her new Caramel blue polka shirt dress, rust tights and Bonpoint cape for kindergarten today. Banana in hand she couldn't help but pull some very silly faces.

Monday, 21 January 2013


What an eventful Sunday. Mini and Phin spent a morning of fun making snow castles in our garden and then it was off to stasia's birthday party where mini wore her H&M chartreuse dress and spent the afternoon with her pal Alexander thwacking everyone and everything in sight. Brilliant

Friday, 18 January 2013

Bath time 2

Snow Time

The country may be moaning about the blizzard conditions but in our household we were jumping for joy.
We couldn't let the day go by without a jaunt in the park and a play in the snow. Mini was bundled into Phins old uggs and duffle coat and off we trotted.
We found a little friend sitting alone and decided to loan him our hat. Mini had a brief chat with him, musing over PPR buying a stake in Christopher Kane - you know fashion talk and what not and then it was home for a spot of hot chocolate.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I bought this daffodil coloured cardigan (don't you know yellow is the hot colour for next spring) and checked peplum shirt from the Caramel sale recently and I couldn't wait to get her in them. She's wearing them with her chestnut cords from Stella and her self made wooden beads.

Peter Rabbit

Its the 110th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and to celebrate Gap has brought out a range of fantastic baby clothes. Boo Hoo! they're too small for Miss Mini as they're for 0-24 months but get buying if you have a baby. The range is available now in store and on-line from Thursday.
Jemima Puddleduck...
or Peter Rabbit?

There is a eating set too. Plate, bowl and cup.

I love how the drawings have been blown up and used in the displays. They have gorgeous frilled edged socks just like Bonton but much cheaper!

You know yellow is the hot colour for next spring

i can never have enough broderie dresses for the summer.

The new collection of Beatrix Potter. So Pretty.

And my old collection from when i was a little girl. Well worn and much loved.

Friday, 11 January 2013

I need to wear it now'

Mini received a few special dresses in her stocking this year from I love Gorgeous. Who cares that they're meant for summer. We just added a poloneck and tights and she's good to go and enjoy her pain au chocolate at Wetherby's French breakfast. Tres chic n'est pas?

Thursday, 10 January 2013


This post is a special request response to the question what do I wear to ski?
Well I'm afraid I'm pretty stuck in my ways to be honest. After years and years of time spent on the slopes, having experienced everything from overly tight all in ones (terrible for a mountain loo dash) and neon patchwork blousons (never suits anyone) I've settled on my own look.
My jackets are almost always Moncler (although I do own a navy Tods trimmed in silver fox but it looks just like a Moncler). I always buy the ones with the smallest label and the smallest men's size. I just don't like the women's stuff. Too shiny, too short.
I have one in black, orange and my favourite is my grey wool one. Paired down and very old school.
I always wear Jet Set pants. They are slim but not too tight and come in great colours. I have a black pair and an olive.
Nothing beats a bit of high performance and I have base layers from Patagonia but that's it. I like to layer with chunky cashmere from Tania in cream, camel and navy and add a fur gilet from Joseph or Yves Salomon if needs be.
Then there's the accessories. I love to go retro. Sod a helmet I'm an ace skier. I wear a knitted Moncler hat picked up at Rome airport (best place to buy Moncler bar Bicester) or my new knitted hat courtesy of my in-laws from John Lewis which has in built earphones and finally my new Marni shades. They're big and slightly bonkers but make me feel like Hepburn in Charade. What could be chicer?

Friday, 4 January 2013

Sleigh Ride and Snow bells

Phin and Mini got a special treat on their last night here in Arosa. We all went on a horse drawn sleigh up through the Arlenwald to our favourite fondue and raclette restaurant called the Bürestübli.
There we feasted on mountains of cheese and both Phin and Mini helped scrape the freshly melted cheese onto the plates.
Then it was off for a final sledge down to town. Who won?
A very proud boy below

Fondue Bliss

Last days of Snow

It's our last day of skiing and despite the blizzards and the microdermabrasion facial through the miniature hale that was coming down Tom and I kept skiing. We love it just too much.
Below is the Berg Kirchli or mountain church that sits on top of the hill above our hotel and at night it is lit up casting an enchanting glow over the mountain.