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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lord Phineas is 5

Phin was five today. Wow. Those five years went fast. We celebrated with a lunch with papow, grandma, tante poppy and uncle piggle and then it was off on an intergalactic mission courtesy of Sharkey & George and his very own Star Wars party.
We had lots of running around and thwacking but we also had our Darth cake that Phin and Mini helped to bake.
Three different cakes moulds (a Darth head via amazon, two square tins) and lots and lots of food colouring (jane Asher sells the best).
The inside was a buttermilk poundloaf recipe from Hummingbird with tons of red food colouring (I loved the idea of a bloody cake) and then slathered in black cream cheese frosting, glitter and silver bobbles. Look what happens though when u eat it!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Urban Jungle

I was invited to have a first look at The Gap's new collaboration with the inimitable Diane Von Furstenberg. Its the second one they have done together and its definitely going to be a big hit. Its exactly what you would expect from DVF, bright vibrant colours, bold patterns and a healthy dose of fun. What's lovely is that it ranges all the way from baby through to toddlers and then up to teens and strangely enough despite the large age span, there is something to suit each age group. There are some fantastic accessories like these printed espadrilles, sunhats, sunglasses and backpacks as well as great sundresses, jeans, cool embroidered t-shirts, swimwear and of course her infamous wrap dresses.

I picked up this blue and white printed playsuit and African inspired pleated sundress for Mini.

I love the amazing origami animals that not only appear in the advertising campaign but also on the shop floor bringing the urban jungle to life

Mini couldn't wait to put on her playsuit as soon as i got home
And her new green Stella McCartney wellies that i picked up for £10 at the sample sale today. (run down to the musics rooms on south molton lane, london w1 on fri 26th to catch the last day)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Heidi Hi

Phin and mini got a fantastic going home gift last week after attending Ava's birthday party - paint your own T-shirt. Mini plumped for something bold and expressionistic whilst Phin decided to paint his favourite villain Darth Vader onto his.
And then after a burger lunch Mini went off to gymnastics while Phin and I saw the Croods. But what really got us excited was the giant yellow robot side kick in the foyer from Despicable Me 2. We are obsessed! Can't wait for end if June.
On Saturday I couldn't help myself. Minis hair is getting so long I'm able to do some great hairstyles. And although her hair is just gorgeous when left to its own devices with its beautiful ringlet curls I loved plaiting it and putting on top of her head with a giant bow a la Heidi. Yum.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Big girl's Bed

Look at me! I'm in a big girl's bed. It's amazing what taking the railings off can do. Mini's cot is transformed into the most beautiful sleigh bed. She asked to move to a big bed and she was certainly ready. Never have i seen someone so eager to skip into a slumber.

These boots are made for walking

Mini proudly wore her brand new red Frye cowboy boots for the first time this weekend. These boots are the real deal! They winged their way all the way over from Amarillo Texas thanks to my dear and thoughtful friend Meg. Phin got a gorgeous tan pair too, a book on Texas and a lasso each.
Mini squealed with delight and declared she needed to wear them everyday from now on. They look just perfect with her floral skirt from Maan and her canary yellow baseball T from Stella McCartney and of course her big side plait and matching bow.
They work wonderfully with a batman cape too.
And all our pretty daffs are out

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ballet video

here is Mini doing a little tipie toe dance

Ballet Buddies

Mini had her first ballet lesson today and i don't know who was more excited! Mini or me? Its a seminal moment in every mother's life when she prepares her little princess for her very first ballet class. Mini and I had to prepare... For background reading, Angelina Ballerina was bought, and then we went shopping. So first stop was getting kitted out and where better than the very same shop where i went to get my first pair of ballet shoes - Gandolfi's on Marylebone road. Nothing has changed, its still full to the brim with every coloured tutu and tiara. I was in heaven. And Mini relished the chance to buy lots of pink.

Luckily Mini had her best friend India aka Indie Pops on hand to guide her through her first class. Indie is a dab hand at doing tipie toes and holding out her skirt and she showed Mini exactly how to do the required parallel and first position steps
look at that tush
My ballet teacher may have likened me to an elephant but Mini was all grace and light movement. Here Mini is all kitted out in her perfect pale pink leotard, gauzy skirt, tights and ballet slippers.
well done you two!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rainy day shopping

Ugh! Do we have to?!?!
These guys want to do anything but go shopping with mama and papa on a rainy Saturday. Especially furniture shopping.
Whilst we tried to source lamps and bedside tables for ibiza, Phin and Mini were running amok, road testing some vintage furniture.
Phin was in his citrus yellow cashmere sweater and chambray shirt from JCrew whilst mini's yellow Gap jeans added a much needed dose of sunshine. Her blue polka blouse is from Caramel and her liberty print plimsoles are from Bensimon but the best was being able to plait her hair and adding two matching bows at the end.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Dolphin Beach

As a special treat we all headed off to Atlantis to visit the dolphins. There are so many fantastic things to do here in Dubai from indoor skiing, ice skating and bowling to dune buggy safari camping but we decided hanging with the dolphins was the way to go.
My two just love the CBeebies show Octonauts and what could be better than getting up close to the best sea dwelling mammal ever!
Mini got to give Central a kiss and a hug so we all followed suit. I tell you she's a great kisser 💋🐬

Dolphin Beach 2

Here Tom is getting jiggy with our dolphin Central. Shes loving her dance with such a handsome daddy. Mini and I have a go throwing her a ball and mini also does a little dance (which was her favourite part of the day) and Phin got to stroke Central's chin too. Such a glorious experience.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Aquarium Heaven

It was a stormy day today in Dubai so off we trotted to the Atlantis hotel to visit their aquarium. And Phin and mini were in heaven. There were some seriously ugly fish hanging about!

Aquarium Heaven 1

Unfortunately the aquarium has at no point any labels or plaques indicating what fish are so Papa and I were definitely put to the test with our aquatic knowledge but it wasn't tough figuring out what these huge tentacles monsters were. Phin was captivated by their long tendrils and bright orange colour. Who's ever seen jelly fish like this before!
Then there was the whole school of Spotted Moray Eels and the ever graceful giant manta rays.