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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Heidi Hi

Phin and mini got a fantastic going home gift last week after attending Ava's birthday party - paint your own T-shirt. Mini plumped for something bold and expressionistic whilst Phin decided to paint his favourite villain Darth Vader onto his.
And then after a burger lunch Mini went off to gymnastics while Phin and I saw the Croods. But what really got us excited was the giant yellow robot side kick in the foyer from Despicable Me 2. We are obsessed! Can't wait for end if June.
On Saturday I couldn't help myself. Minis hair is getting so long I'm able to do some great hairstyles. And although her hair is just gorgeous when left to its own devices with its beautiful ringlet curls I loved plaiting it and putting on top of her head with a giant bow a la Heidi. Yum.

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