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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Nelly the elephant

Phin and mini went off to the Zoo today and enjoyed the last day of sunshine with a luncheon picnic by the lions.
Mini in her H&M bow cardi and Stella for Gap crochet dress and Phin in his chocolate Bonton cardi, Stella checked shirt and bright red Gap skinnies. Both had serious hat protection. Minis was an off cast of Phins Easter bonnet parade, a silly straw hat from Poundland while Phins pricier trilby hails from Bonpoint.
The two had a great time taking the bus there and Phins cutlas elephant was inspired.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Min & Jerry

We were invited tonight to my cousin Edward and Sara's house for Friday night dinner. It was like a walk down memory lane. Sara cooked up a storm with a fantastic roast chicken and roast potatoes and veg followed by pavlova, fruit jelly and chocolate mousse. The kids ran amok in between courses. Mini in her Stella for Gap flapper dress and Phin in his Stella green sweater and H&M chinos.
But the best was when mini met jerry the Landseer Newfoundland dog. Despite being almost three times her size she was fearless, going up to him and giving him a huge bear hug. Which he just loved.
Meanwhile Sara and I loved that we both turned up for dinner in the same 3.1 Philip Lim dress but styled up differently. We always joke about how we always buy the same pieces but often in different colour ways but we've never turned up wearing the same thing. It made me smile. Two great fashion minds thinking alike.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Phin & his chocolate factory

Today's blog is dedicated solely to Phin. Today was the last day of term and the Easter holidays were kicked off in style with a crazy hat parade complete with catwalk show and jazz band. Strawberry fields certainly knows how to make a great show and Phin definitely gave a star turn in his chocolate factory hat.
Based on one of his favourite books, Phin and I used a sombrero as a base and then using masking tape we stuck an array of boxes, loo rolls, egg cartons and polystyrene balls together to create Willy Wonka's infamous chocolate factory. Out came the silver spray paint (what fun!), four boxes of quality street and a glue gun later and voila!
To be honest the structure was by then way too high and way too heavy. I could barely keep my head up under all that weight. So it was with a heavy heart that I then removed two storeys. Two! But hey even after that Phin could hardly keep his head up. He did however make it all the way along the catwalk to many cheers and gasps. I was one proud mama.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

In Hindmarch Heaven

Mini and I did a bunk today. While SJ was at the dentist I was on little gym duty but I'm afraid the fashion fiend got the better of me. So off we scooted to the Anya Hindmarch press day instead.
Mini was in paradise, glitter and bauble encrusted bags everywhere surrounded by mountains of Quality Street. Bliss.
When asked by Nazli, Pr extrordinaire, what her favourite item from the collection was Mini didn't hesitate. Being the style savvy chick she is, she plumped for the silver glitter tassel clutch which coordinated perfectly with her Makie silver painted fleece waistcoat, Bonpoint floral shirt, Stella Gap skinnies, H&M neon trainers and fluorescent Pearl necklace from JCrew.
Meanwhile Phin returned home from kindergarten to whizz up some chocolate cornflake culinary delights whilst catching some rays in his favourite Dandy Star 'Save the Whale' tshirt. Great day.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Picnic days

Mini had a heavenly day today. First stop blueberry music with Mimi & Tati then a picnic in the park followed by another in our back garden specially for her dollies and babies and finally after picking up Phin from kindergarten it was off to Stella McCartney's new store on the Brompton rd for some full on kids fun with Purple Dragon.
There was mask making, balloon sculpting, musical jam sessions, red and blue slush puppies and bowls of Pez.
In homage to Stella Phin wore his rabbit reindeer Baseball T with his Bonpoint boarder shorts, sand Supergas and self made Red Indian head piece while Mini went off piste with her Marni inspired linen pants and floral blouse by Caramel, silver painted cardigan by H&M For The Children and Zara bow Mary-janes. A shout out to Shosh for a seriously Great Party!

Little Moomintroll

I'm a bit partial to the swedish label Cos. not just for myself but also for my kids. I've been buying it for ever for Phin, it's hardy and utilitarian with an artisanal twist. Marni for the high street if you like. But mini is only just able to fit into their clothes and I fell in love with this painterly dress a while back and picked it up in the sale. On closer inspection it's still a smidge too big but I love the Moomintroll style illustrations and her matching necklace.
Mini adores her big brother and when she's not pushing him about she's generally giving him a good hug.
Below is Phin and his best mates Sam and Al. They've been swimming together since they were three months old and are now professional divers who love splashing their mums and causing general mayhem.

Monday, 26 March 2012

It's Summertime!

Yup. Lets face it, This seven day run of sun is probably going to be our summer. So mini and i have been making the most of it and wearing our new summer gear before it starts raining again.
Mini is decked out in the season's hottest colours from Bonton. Because until she makes me put her in pink it's all about any other colour but. So to that end I've gone for colour blocking in blues. A turquoise jumpsuit paired with a sea green cardigan, Aqua bow and cobalt necklace. It's not just designer stores that have plumped for these hues. H&M as well as Zara have done a great range of brightly coloured chinos, t-shirts and trainers for boys and girls so you can colour block to your hearts content.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Peppa Pig here we come 2....

And then it was off to Peppa Pig land for a ride on George's dinosaur.
What a brilliant day!

Peppa Pig here we come...

What else could I do after having lost my voice? Stay at home? Hell no, it's sunny and Annabel and Ava had secured VIP passes. So how could we turn down free entry to Paulsons Park and a try on their new ride Magma.
So off we trekked to Hampshire and boy was it worth it.
Mini brought along her favourite doll Lalaloopsy and wore big bro Phins old Stella for Gap drummer boy jacket, Stella floral t and Bonpoint grey denim and neon pink trainers.
And even though it turned out the kids were all too small for the ride they had a blast on loads of other roller coasters. Especially mini who squealed and whooped for more.
And with such great weather the kids couldn't help but strip down and Run around the waterpark.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring time sun

What a heavenly few days of sun. Today Mini and Phin had fun in the garden, watering the few flowers that have started to sprout and wearing a few less layers. Phin was decked out in his Gap skinny jeans, Cos striped shirt and tobacco cardi and his jCrew grey suede boots with orange laces all topped off with his Buzz Light Year wings.
While Mini was enjoying her new neon pink trainers from Zara worn with Phins old gap skinnies, Bonpoint ruffle shirt and silver fleece waistcoat from Makie and of course matching pink bunches.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's day is always a bittersweet day for me. Incredibly sad as I don't have my own mother here to spoil and who never got to meet her fantastic seven grandchildren but the flipside is i also get to be incredibly spoilt by my own brood.
Today was no exception Phin gave me two cards, one from kindergarten and one from home, both expertly hand written and a bunch of tissue paper flowers, from Mini I too got a card encrusted with stickers and fantastic scribbles and from my gorgeous partner Tom a delicious bunch of flowers from Scarlet & Violet.
Breakfast in bed was followed by lunch at the Electric. Phin resplendent in his grey checked Bonton shirt, trilby and cutlass whilst mini wore her Caramel cashmere sweater and checked skater skirt. A blissful day.

Little house on the prairie

Ok. So our house isn't exactly on a prairie more on a london woodland park but minis get up is definitely channelling Laura Ingalls. It's a very light star print cotton pinafore dress from Bonton and will be super comfy in a heat wave. In the meantime she's layered up with a pair of leggings, striped handmedown poloneck from Caramel and Zara boots. Perfect for this hideous weather we're having.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Petit Botty

With mini out of nappies I've had a ball buying her knickers. There's nothing cuter than mini's bottom ripe for squidging now there are no nappies to impede. H&M's Minnie mouse and Hello Kitty sets are a firm fave but we've branched out to Petit Bateau. Their matching vintage floral print vest and knicker sets are heavenly.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Goosey goosey gander

Mini had a trip to kensington gardens today to feed the swans, geese and general bird life by the pond. Puppe her dolly came too and with mini sporting Phin's Marie-Chantal grey duffle coat she was snug and warm on quite a cold blustery morn.