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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Guess who?

Today was world book day and Phin and Mini were beyond excited to dress up as their favourite literary heroes.
Mini chose Rosie Revere Engineer with a Pucci headscarf no less and Phin morphed into Iggy Peck Architect complete with hair raising quiff. Both books are written by Andrea Beaty with illustrations by David Roberts and are utterly delightful. We highly recommend getting them, with their funny, creative and inspiring role models doing exciting and interesting things they've become firm favourites in our our home.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Icing Queen

Today was another creative challenge with my friend Lucia. Flower arranging last month, this time we turned our hands to icing courtesy of the Biscuiteers. Cleverly Lucia had enrolled us in their fashion course, icing everything from handbags to shoes. Our imaginations were ready to run riot.

The kit: perfectly baked biscuits, icing sugar mixed to the perfect consistency in bottles and bags and a colour card of their own sets to inspire us.
E Voila! The final collection. I wish i had photographed each step for you because once you know the tricks,  anything is possible. 

Its all about an evening clutch. This was done by line icing the edge of the biscuit and then making constant squiggle shaped W in white and lilac to create a ripple effect.
I think this is my favourite. Very Prada a/w '16 seen on last week's catwalk. I outlined the biscuit and then flooded it with runnier icing in blue and eucalyptus then i dropped black dots onto the lower section and took a wooden cocktail stick and pulled it through the dot from top to bottom to create a heart shape. For the belt i added blue dots on the black base and then went top to bottom, then bottom to top etc with the cocktail stick. Then we put the biscuit in the oven at 50 degrees centigrade to dry out the icing. I then piped white icing around the neckline and sprinkled it with granulated sugar which stuck to it, creating a bejewelled neckline.
I love the simplicity of this swimsuit. Purple line icing to delineate the biscuit then flooded with purple, then small polka dots in eucalyptus. Oven dried and then just added a white frill around the edges.

Hot shades for summer. I delineated the lenses in black and the flooded them. When the icing was still wet i piped white along the edges to show some light reflection. After drying out in the oven I piped the dots all around.

I made this dress with Mini in mind and she certainly enjoyed scoffing it straight after school. Pink icing flooded then dried followed by purple icing on the belt encrusted with white sugar and a pretty black bow.

These stilettos really stumped me. I had no idea how to decorate them, so a few well chosen black studs and a bow later...

I call these my Mad Men earrings, dangly fun and so over the top! 

Mini couldn't help but wear her earrings 

Don't look at me!