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Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because she wanted to trick or treat. Or at least that's what was motivating Mini today. Our own little chick and Gruffalo headed to Karen's for our annual Halloween bash and had a blast. Everyone made such a huge effort. There were crocodiles and wolves, skeletons, witches, kittens and lobsters. Mini Learnt quickly that if she waddled along the street holding out her candy bag she would garner both huge applause and sweets at the same time.
I may have made minis outfit and carved the pumpkins but my inspiration came from Martha Stewart. There's nothing she can't do. Check out her website on for some serious inspiration. Minis outfit was super easy to make. Two bodies sewn together and filled with toy stuffing. Then sew two feather boas around them. For the feet I just sewed two panels of felt together in the shape of duck feet. And the hat came by way of Portabello market. Yet another vintage Halloween.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Autumn Leaves

Mini has definitely turned a new leaf as far as her sartorial choices are concerned. Gone are the fresh hues of summer and now when I look at her extensive (to say the least) wardrobe everything looks like the palette of a new England Fall. All Tabasco reds and burnt oranges, bark and dashes of ochre. Today's outfit is a case in point with her sale bought Bonpoint rust denims to her bitter chocolate checked Bonton blouse and cappuccino bow cardigan from H&M. I love her dash of salmon sock from under her new mahogany velvet Mary-Jane shoes also from Bonton (we swapped them for wellies for a walk through the leaves later in the day). Phin was joining in the look too with his Caramel claret skinny jeans and two tone cardigan, Bonton checked shirt and Zara tan leather high tops.
Watch out for tomorrow's Halloween special! Pumpkins galore and mini pulls out all the stops with her home made costume... That's if I can actually get her to wear it.

We Stand Corrected

These boots are made for stomping. Well riding to be exact but in the meantime Mini is wearing her big bros boots with pride and stomping up a storm. I mistakenly thanked grandma Eve for her gorgeous leather Chipmunk boots, however they were in fact a gift from Sara (whose pups we played with earlier this week) and I'm only too pleased that these Chelsea style boots are getting a second innings. Today mini is wearing them with her Bonpoint tartan dress and cranberry cashmere poloneck from Caramel.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Little red riding hood

If you go down to the woods today you're sure of a big surprise...
Little red riding hood went off for a walk in the fields today but rather than being attacked by a wolf mini was accosted by all grandmas pony's and the neighbours dwarf cows. She took it all in her stride mainly by poking her fingers up all their noses. She kept chic and warm in her knitted rust Bonpoint coat with its adorable Pom Pom and her Gap striped T and denim dungarees and H&M chocolate wellies. Late in the day she was then overwhelmed by six adorable five week old puppies. A strange mix of part chihuahua and part wire haired dachshund they were unbelievably cute to say the least. Mini was quite keen on kissing them, but it was the fact that two of them had been named lady Edith and lady Sybil that had the Downton fanatic in me hooked.
Needless to say I had to be frisked before leaving.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yes my name is Iggle Piggle

Ah yes mini has finally discovered telly and her hero is none other than "in the night garden's" Iggle Piggle. She beams when she sees his podgy blue body and breaks into a head tilting sway as she dances to his eponymous song.
Today mini is clutching her beloved wearing a classic Bonpoint outfit. I loved each item so much I bought them in the sale for the following winter, so for all you stalwart fashion filers you're not seeing double, it's just last years tapered cargos, hippy floral blouse and short sleeved cardigan on a bigger Mini. Meanwhile the chocolate leather riding boots from Grandma Eve may be Phins but they look spanking new. Can't believe she fits them, she'll soon be off galavanting on his Shetland Lulu McPherson before we know it.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Little drummer girl

Phin and mini had a blast hanging out with all their cousins in Germany and especially loved the local zoo in Wuppertal. It's so good it puts our much loved london zoo in the shade. The weather was super crisp with sunny blue skies and perfect for finally bringing out our warm winter wraps. Phin was flexing his grey duffle from Marie Chantal and Zara fleece lined leather hi-tops while mini rocked last years Bonpoint knit coat, hat and scarf combo and I relished my new rabbit lined parka from Yves Salomon (thanks to nat for that top tip).
Back home and mini was flexing her muscles at little gym. She managed a wheel barrow walk along the balance beam and loved hanging off the monkey bars in her Bonton leggings and trapeze top, grey marle body from Wheat and her Gap drummer girl jersey jacket topped off with big bros Vieja trainers, the coolest footwear from Brazil.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Buggy Baby

Mini has fallen hard for her buggy. She can't help herself, when she spots it skulking in the corridor she hyperventilates, flaps her arms like a chicken and squawks bugeee bugeee and then clambers up and nestles herself in the seat and then just sits and watches the world from her throne. Today she did just that and hey she even coordinated with the damn thing. Wearing Phins old cashmere poloneck and waistcoat from Caramel with her Zara herringbone shorts and H&M bow ballet slippers she's a vision in purple. Off to germany for half term tomorrow so I'm afraid it will be a few days before fashion file returns. But return we will. Worry not x

Kermit Rules

Today was Phins last day at kindergarten before half term, so he decided to come in disguise as Kermit the frog. Some of you may recognise part of his outfit from last years colour day where he came as a runner bean/sugar snap/courgette... Anyway spruced up with his new frog hat from Portabello market we transformed him into the worlds favourite frog.

Little My

Mini's flexing her little My look today with her hair. Mainly because her big bro poured baby oil over her head in the bath and the only thing that can remedy the oil slick is a pineapple hair do.
Mini is layering up now the cold weather is rearing its head. First up her Bonton poloneck, then her chocolate checked blouse and chartreuse knitted waistcoat all paired with a pair of Phins old Gap jeans and Vieja plimsoles.

Primary Colour

Mini is celebrating the gorgeous sunshine by combining every primary colour possible. She's sporting her floral Stella dress, picking up the forest green, tomato red, cobalt blue and sunflower yellow with her Bonton poloneck, tights and trainers. You won't miss her coming.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Camera, lights, action

Phin and Mini went down Waterloo way today to visit their papa on set of his short film.
Mini wore her buttercup blouse from Bonton with her Stella denim cut offs, H&M floral tights, and Phins old cashmere grandad cardi and brogues. Phin meanwhile is resembling Liam Gallagher more and more since having his hair trimmed. Not only is his barnet similar but he seems to have taken on his swagger too. He's been up to utter mischief all weekend much to my dismay however he looks mighty handsome in his Caramel claret jeans, H&M checkerboard sweater and striped braces from their For The Children collection.
It was a family affair today with tante Poppy and Papow making a cameo appearance in the film today whilst uncle Piggle rocked his filming on Thursday. Well done Team Edmunds!

A tale of two tutus

Talk about a hectic social schedule! Mini had a full day of partying today with Phins pal Sammy turning 4 in the morning followed by Ava's afternoon fairy celebrations for her four years in the world. Mini of course had to rock a strong party vibe and nothing says cute dress more than a bit of tulle. Mini wore her Gap dove grey tiered Tulle dress with a velvet bodice from Grandma Eve with aplomb, her Bonton socks and H&M Marc jacobs'esque mouse shoes rounded off the outfit perfectly.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Scissor Happy

What a seminal moment, Minis first haircut! A mini trim so to speak, she got her first haircut from our lovely Danish hairdresser Line whilst reading cinderella. Just a little snip to keep those curls curly.

Mini Queen of Scots

Minis in her old Bonton tartan dress. And I love how it's a tad too short, we've paired it with White tights and her new chocolate velvet Mary-Janes also from Bonton for a retro sixties children's look. It's the shoes though that sends mothers crazy. The shape is pure nostalgia and the velvet only adds to that.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bit of 'tude

Mini is really getting into the swing of having her photo taken but she's partial to a bit of attitude in the process, which is hilarious. Check out her Les Dawson grimace. Vogue its not!
Today mini is wearing some of her new purchases. She's in her Paris pieces from Bonton including these olive ribbed leggings and chocolate checked blouse worn with her Chanel inspired bow cardigan from H&M's For The Children collection and her hand-me-down brogues from Marie-Chantal.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Liberty London Girl

I can't seem to keep myself away from
liberty prints and it seems neither can all these children's wear labels. Maybe because nothing says innocent childhood like a floral sprig or a swirling Paisley that Liberty has done so well over the past hundred years. This aqua, lilac and sea green Paisley shirt comes from Bonton and has a pretty frilled Peter pan collar and elasticated cuffs. Minis wearing it with her brothers old Diesel skinnies and a very small glitter bolero. We have the bigger size too but I quite like the shrunken fit on her, plus I'm always so sad to put something so gorgeous away. It means acknowledging her getting bigger and growing up which she's doing at such a speedy pace I want to grab onto her shoulders and slow her down. But nothing can keep mini from raring into the future. She's one determined young girl.

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Gruffalos

Phin and Mini have taken matching outfits to their heart. Phin was overjoyed when I came home with a pink Gruffalo pyjama for Mini from John Lewis. Snap! He screamed and promptly made me swear they could both wear theirs tonight. Here they are watching the little Einstein puppet show together (thanks tante Marika it's become a firm favourite).

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Crab Apple Jelly

Remember Tom picking ten kilos of Crab Apples from our tree? We finally managed to boil them all and here's the result. A perfectly pretty pink jelly.
If you fancy trying it (strangely satisfying and rather meditative I found) here's the quick recipe and tips.

Place apples in sauce pan and cover with water and bring to the boil for thirty mins until the crab apples are mushy. Take a potato masher and purée. Then place mixture into a muslin and hang over a bowl (I opted for a jam stand and muslin sack from not expensive and less fuss). Strain the mixture over night. Do not push it through as the mixture will become cloudy. Take liquid and for 600ml add juice of 1 lemon and 450g jam sugar. Mix together and bring to the boil for a rolling 40 mins (to test if its set place a plate in the fridge and put some of the mixture on the chilled plate. It should set slightly if it's ready). Then pour into sterilised Jam jars (again mine were from Lakeland as well as collected old jars). Sterilise by either pouring boiling water in them or putting in the oven for ten mins. Put the lids on straight away and let cool. Voila. It's seriously yummy. Don't worry if it sounds too complicated, I'm sure if you know me you'll be getting a jar soon enough...

Loving Lavender

Minis gone all tonal today with her lavender ensemble. She's comfy and casual in her plum leggings from xxxxx, her gorgeous lilac hand knit from mini's maternity nurse Penny, topped off with a Liberty print bandana, purple bow and Aubergine frilled socks. I think thats every purple Pantene colour ticked.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Green Striped Brigade

Phin and Mini were the perfect double act in their matching green and cream striped Bonton sweater sets.
They were originally meant for celebrating the new year but when temperatures hit 28 degrees last week I couldn't make my two sweat it out just for fashion's sake. Instead they wore them to break the Yom Kippur fast at cousins Gigi and Josie's house. Phin wore his with a grey pair of flannels from Marc Jacobs and both wore their coordinating green Converse trainers from Cherry and Miri. Expect to see these outfits again and again. There's nothing a Red Magazine woman loves more than a stripe and green's my favourite colour. Heaven if I could only get one in my size...

Friday, 7 October 2011

All For Children

Today Mini is wearing something hot off the rail. Her outfit is from H&M's special All For Children range which launched this week. It's a fantastically chic capsule collection for boys and girls ranging from 1-8 years old. There are cool lumberjack shirts, cargo pants, grandad cardis and Breton t-shirts for the boys and tangerine pleated prom dresses, houndstooth princess coats and star print blouses for the girls. The colours are off beat and autumnal and are a snip at the usual H&M prices but 25% of the price goes straight to helping UNICEF support children's access to schools in Bangladesh. Mini threw her weight behind this fantastic scheme by wearing their floral corduroy dress, matching tights, hairband and patent mouse shoes for her special night out at the Pliners for the beginning of the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur.

Yummy &Yummier

My two little munchkins are proving rather scrumptious at the moment. And they are continuing their own love affair with lots of cuddles, tumbles and general snatching peppered with soft kisses.
Today phin is looking rather stylish in his spoils from Caramel in their sky blue intarsia knit and chocolate jeans and new grey vieja trainers. Mini is decked in her Bonpoint tapered cargos, rose bud frilled shirt and crochet waistcoat all picked up during last years sales and finally fitting her growing frame.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

From Paris with Love

I've been in Paris for a few days with the gorgeous team Red. And we've been spoilt with some fantastically creative fashion shows from Chanel's under the sea themed catwalk complete with Florence and her machine singing from within a sea shell to louis vuitton's take on taxidermy with anything from rattlesnakes to bull frogs being fashioned from their accessories. But apart from checking out what will be happening for spring 2012 I had to squeeze in some retail therapy and the kids won out I'm afraid with a huge haul from my favourite boutique, Bonton. So don't be surprised if this season there happens to be an overdose. In the meantime I couldn't help but put mini in one of her new acquisitions, a rose pink all in one adorned with a giant red heart. So taken was she with her new pyjama she promptly coordinated it with her H&M polkadot sunnies. Perfect bedtime attire.