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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Wednesday's have become little gym days and so Mini needs to keep her fashion full of comfort and ease. Today she will be able to do her forward rolls in style with her Stella striped t-shirt and her Stella for Gap footless tights (how very footloose!). She has covered up with one of Phin's old Bonton cardis and her little Trumpette ballet socks. She's definitely going for a Jennifer Beale slash Fame look today. In fact she loves her class so much she is constantly tilting her head backwards in the hope of achieving a backward somersault.

Here she is limbering up for her class, and now for the splits...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sleeping Bunnies

Mini was off singing and clapping to her hearts content at blueberry music today whilst I was shopping up a storm in Paris.
Mini loves her buddy Scarlett checking she's Aok. Today she's in a Ralph Lauren sundress and indigo cotton cardi from The Gap.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Euro Min

Whilst I'm off to Paris with Natalie and Annabelle for a girlie jaunt, Mini has gone all euro with her white jeans. A Liz Hurley staple, Mini's are from The Gap and have cute little crochet panels on the back pockets. We paired them with her floral Bonpont ruffle collared shirt and faux fur gilet.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Phin went to another party this weekend and got his face painted for the first time - a dinosaur. Mini in the meantime has been spending one on one time with her papa while Phin and I have been off galavanting round town. And so it was left up to him to clothe Mini and a great job he did too. Dressing her in phins old beige stripe shirt from Bonpoint, pale pink cords and her grey cashmere stella for gap cardi topped off with her new bow from Lucia.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Save your kisses for me...

After swimming at Papoo's house on a Saturday morning, Phin and Mini like nothing better than munching on Melba toasts together. Today was a particularly active session, with him diving beneath the surface to retrieve his Spiderman while Mini perfected her butterfly stroke and Humpty Dumpty dives into the pool. Today Mini is wearing her light weight denim chambray frilled jumpsuit from The Gap with an old stripe T from Caramel and a big blue bow from Marie-Chantal. While Phin is decked out in a floral cotton shirt from the Gap, a sand t-shirt from Caramel and a toffee coloured cardigan from Cos. Linen boots by Pepe for Caramel.
Now if you'd just let me give you a kiss...

Friday, 25 March 2011

Party Time

Mini and Phin are in the throes of party season and today was Phin's mate Alalstair's 3rd birthday bash. Mini, keen as ever to showcase a new look, was out and about in her new Makie seventies sunflower print sundress and matching bloomers. Bought on our last trip to NYC,  i fell in love with the cool faded colours of iced pink and blue and the retro print. We paired it with her mauve ribbed cardigan from Bonton and ballet slipper socks and gold shoes from Baby Bloch

The theme may have been knights and dragons but phin was flexing his little drummer boy meets Elton John vibe. A look that definitely says medieval rock star. His jacket is by Stella for Gap, t-shirt Marc Jacobs and denim cargo shorts from H&M

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dolly Lover

Mini adores her Sonia Rykiel doll. She stares adoringly into her eyes and grabs her with full gusto to her chest. I love the fact she has red hair like my mum did when i was little. And today, on the anniversary of her death, its a joy to see a bit of her in mini and her zest for life. Today was Mini's first foray into the realm of Little Gym. Stylish but with an eye on comfort, Mini wore her Sonia for H&M striped combo and had a total blast doing somersaults and back flips. And we cant wait for next week's Rock and Roll theme.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Clappety Clap

Mini has figured out how to clap her hands. And boy does she love to applaud. She does it in a really light and elegant way and especially likes to do it to music. Today Mini is wearing her woodland sprig dress from Bonpoint paired with a faux fur gilet from Grandma Eve from The Gap and Phin's old leather shoes by Pepe. They are perfect for helping to stop any skidding and leg splits when she pulls herself up and tries to cruise around the house.

Check me out! I can clap. And clap, and clap.

Messy Mini

What a messy mini!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Very Berry

Now let me have just a little taste...
Mmm not bad...
Actually i'm not so sure
Mini sampled her first very berry fruit smoothie today courtesy of grandma Eve at the Electric. And after a few hesitant mouthfuls it was decreed quite yummy indeed.
Phin and Mini did their mum proud at lunch today, with lots of pleases and thank you's worn with a smattering of Bonton tartan. A great day out was had by all.

Away with the Fairies

Mini joined bro Phin to help celebrate her cousin Josie's 4th birthday in Fairy Land. They both enjoyed sitting on glittery toadstools watching fairy queens pirouette in their tulle. Mini was of course dressed to blend with the fantastical mural complete with her Angels Face grey Tulle skirt Worn this time with her White collared body from Bonpoint and aqua knit from Marie Chantal and White floral shoes from Stuart Weitzman both lovely gifts from Natalie L.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Jumpin' Jack

Gosh i love jumpsuits! And this one is a firm favourite. Its from Laila and is covered in lilac and damson cherries. Come summertime it will definitely be used to the max. In the meantime we've wintered things up with her purple poloneck and lilac tights.
Unlike big bro Phin who waited patiently for things to brought to him, Mini is putting her crawling and pulling up skills to great use and investigating her toy basket with glee.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Flower pot fairy

Mini is always in great spirits post swim. Today she kicked and splashed like a pro. And afterwards there's lots of playtime with pals Ray and Noah. Today mini is decked out in grey and black star leggings by Zak. Originally a gift from Carolyn for Phin but they held up rather well and are enjoying a renaissance paired with a simple grey poloneck from Bonpoint and teal handknit from grandma Eve.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spider Girl

Is it a bird? Is is a plane? No its a plastic spider i found (boy does daddy have some strange props in his kit bag). Mini has been chomping on this arachnid with glee, oh and anything else that comes into her line of sight. More teeth coming possibly? Today mini is sporting her favoured black and white tablecloth check dress from Bonpoint with her brick red poloneck and tights.

Mini's on the Move

Its got to that point where pinning little Minster down for her daily fashion pic is proving rather more difficult. What fun it is for her to wave her arms with gay abandon, kick her legs with glee and crawl off at high speed when mummy tries to take a pic! We may have a top of the range Panasonic Lumix to help us but even that can't cope with her speedy manoeuvres. So for today please excuse her blurry grey star print dress from Bonton, her emerald green ribbed poloneck from Caramel and her aqua ribbon from Marie-Chantal.
And she's off...

you can't catch me!

Ha! Here i am.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Dotty Divine

Mini's back in town and cooking up a style storm today. It's a bit of a seasonal mish mash what with it still being cold (grey cashmere sweater from Stella for Gap) mixed with light weight dove grey polka dot pantaloons from Makie because I'm already so over Winter clothes I had to throw something new into the mix (albeit with a warm pair of wooly tights underneath). Top it off with a frilly White blouse from Bonpoint and her little grey bow and Mini looks like a Dior Grey Fondant Fancy. Good enough to eat.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Gingham Buddies

Mini and Phin are off to germany to visit their grandma 'mimi' today. So alas mini's fashion file will be taking a break until Monday. In the meantime here are Phin and mini matching in navy gingham and denim. Minis is from the Gap with Ralph reindeer cardi while Phins is from Bonpoint with a Bonton cardi.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Colour Minx

I love mixing colours in a way that's unexpected. And as I was scrolling through the last 9 months of Mini's fashion file the items that jumped out at me were her mustard angora cardigan and chartreuse leggings mixed with pops of cherry tomato, indigo and olive. An eclectic mix of hues that don't initially spring to mind as part of the same palette but weirdly work. On that note i decided to use Mini's striped leggings from big bro phin and pick up on the red, olive and petrol blue stripes with her Bonton bright vermilion cardigan and slate grey trapeze shirt from Petit Bateau and olive socks from Zara.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Lure of an Apple Rice Cake

Just see what food makes Mini do...

Sittin' Peachy

Today Mini is wearing a new bow. A momentous occasion i know, well especially as its from a new source called Peach Ribbons. So hot off the press is it that their website is not even up and running but if you e-mail them at you can place your orders that way. We received a whole stack in the palest of greys and beiges - so chic - from the lovely Lucia. They are a bigger fuller shape and the hot tip are the acid brights for summer. We teamed her cappuccino grosgrain bow with her leaf print shirt from The Gap, an olive chunky knit cardi and tapered cargo pants from Bonpoint.
With such glorious sunshine we embraced the chill, wrapped up warm in Phin's old Bonpoint skisuit and went outside to the playground

Monday, 7 March 2011

Little Drummer Girl

Mini is doing something that Phin likes to describe as 'Monkey Drumming' after the Cadbury's Dairy Milk Gorilla advert. Its his favourite clip on You Tube and he's thrilled that his little sister is now able to give him a live acoustic version with the spatula and bowl.
Today Mini is sparkling in her Gap star print shirt and tutu legging combo worn with her silver grey lurex waistocoat from Bonton and fleece booties from The Little White Company.
Now if i just pull hard enough...
Smug as a bug. Ha Ha! That damn boot's off at last