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Monday, 30 January 2012

Cool Cos

This red forest print shirt from Cos has become a firm fave over the winter with its alpine theme and festive colour. But since Cos only start from age 2 (and it's a roomy age 2) we're waiting to grow into quite a few of their things we've picked up in the past. This top doubled as a tunic dress when we first got it, but now minis had a bit of a stretch, it's being worn as its makers intended. We've put it together with a pair of Phins old soft worn denim jeans from The Gap and a chunky red knit cardi from Bonton finished off with a red and white polka dot bow from H&M.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sale savvy

There's nothing more satisfying, style wise, than stumbling on some serious sale finds. I may not have the gift when it comes to finding great bargains for myself but when it comes to the kids i have a great eye. Most of their wardrobes are sourced at sale time its a perfect time to pick up designer duds and then to pepper their wardrobe with high street pics throughout the year. Today Phin and mini were decked out in some new kit gleaned from some of this seasons sale savvy shopping.
Phin is sporting his Stella McCartney apple green ribbed fisherman sweater and matching bobble hat teamed with cobalt chinos from H&M and his trusty converse. I bought it in size 6 so theres plenty of time for him to grow into it. Mini on the other hand is in Caramel with their beige floral sprig blouse and Marni inspired block print linen pants and her H&M bow cardi. Her look is a little spring like but I couldn't help myself. It's such fun to wear something new.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Potty princess

Ta dah! Mini is on day 3 of her full on potty training and no slip ups so far. This girl's a star!!! She's been hanging around pantless at home for quite a while but we haven't dared tried dashing to little gym or going for a car ride sans nappy. But it's been three days and she's had no accident at little gym, nor in the car on the way to swimming nor when I bundled her up in a full ski suit for a play in the park. Phew! This kids got her bladder control down to a fine art. I wasn't even being a pushy parent. It was mini all the way. Fashion wise we've been keeping things easy with tights or leggings on the bottom half for easy pull down action and so far so good. Today mini was wearing her Dandy Star bow t- shirt dress (check out their online 70% off sale) and Gap red glitter tights and we even bought her some hello kitty and minnie mouse knickers at H&M to boot. She's very proud of them and keeps flashing her papa with glee.
Meanwhile Beckett's settled into home life rather quickly and like myself is a big fan of Ocado.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mini makes music

So I've tried to post a video of mini strumming rogers guitar. Not sure if you'll all be able to view. Give it a go and let me know!

Musical Mini

Off to Blueberry music with the enthusiastic roger on guitar. Sporting her Bonpoint liberty print dress from auntie peggy (so short its almost a trapeze top, but all the better for getting a peek at that cute bottom). Minis in heaven with her maracas and recorder. Although i wish she didn't have such a thing for woodwind. All that blowing and spittle, Phin only ever plumped for percussion. Oh well, just blank out those germ phobic thoughts and clap along.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tangerine Dream

It may be chilly outside but that doesn't mean mini can't brighten our day with her bright cheeky smile and some colourful clobber.
Always ahead of the trend, mini is taking her cue from my Red bright colour story in this months issue by sporting tonal colour pieces in sorbet shades of peach and persimmon. Her knitted tunic is from Caramel and is layered over a Bonpoint poloneck and ribbed rights, finished off with her necklace from Cos and her Zara boots.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunny Time

Phin and mini decided to catalogue my huge bowl of sunglasses this afternoon. Bring on the sunshine!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tutu much

Minis not one to let a venue that may be fun but not so chic deter her from still making a style statement. Never one to let the side down when it comes to party style, but how to wear a suitable frock to Anastasia's birthday bash at Bramleys when climbing over giant foam rollers, clambering up ladders and sliding down helterskelter slides is called for? A short and sassy tutu is what. Chic and stylish by Stella McCartney for Gap, her antique rose hued skirt with a giant satin bow was short enough not to get caught under her knees and was worn with coordinating leggings and a simple body by Bonpoint, creating an outfit that was both stylish but able to weather a bit of rough and tumble. What fun.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Dress up queen

Mini took her first steps this afternoon in making some of her own fashion choices. I walked through the door to see her trying to accessorise her Caramel pansy print dress with her grey Makie scarf, pink shearling coat and then adding my chocolate fedora an old pair of Birkenstocks (sourced from under the sofa methinks?! I certainly don't recall them) and her stylish Anya Hindmarch nappy bag. But what overwhelmed me the most was how confident she was in her choices. She's a little woman with a strong mind.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Welly weather

Phin and mini love nothing better than a good downpour, putting on their wellies and dancing in muddy puddles under a Charlie and Lola umbrella.
Today mini sported her floral rain mac by Stella McCartney from Daisy and her chocolate wellies from H&M. She kept toasty beneath with her grey flannel pants from Bonpoint, caramel cashmere poloneck, silver fleece waistcoat from Makie and her new rabbit collar by Danish designer Christina Rohde, her Christmas gift from the ever so fashionable Kate.
She spent the morning swimming with bf Aurelia and then dancing alongside Ava, pirouetting with glee. It seems ballet class is not far off.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Little Gnome

Minis started early with her love of expensive handbags. Picking up my soft grey quilted Chanel and wrapping it round herself like a piece of jewellry. Today she's off to little gym for a bit of balance beam walking in her Bonton pink leggings and blue striped trapeze top, candy coloured body from H&M and her new Caramel ruby red knitted hat which makes her look rather like a cute garden gnome. Of course the cheeks help too.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Favourite Things

Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favourite things. Well the whiskers on Beckett my Christmas/Birthday gift is truly one of my favourite things and he's settling in to our home wonderfully. He's becoming a true lap cat, spending inordinate amounts of time snoozing on me.
My birthday was filled with fantastic friends, a birthday breakfast chatting away with all my strong, beautiful girls. Receiving glorious jewels by Diane Kordas from them and Tom as well as a pair of neon orange Stella McCartney wedges. We capped off the day with Shrek the musical (camp as christmas and worth every penny to see Nigel Harmon as Lord Farquard and my friend Emma's face whilst watching it) and then off to dinner at Jeremy King's new restaurant The Delauney. Finishing off a superb birthday with flare.

Snug shearling

Winter seems to have finally come. Hats and scarves were a must today with a cold crisp blue sky. My favourite weather of all.
Phin and Mini welcomed in my birthday with two mini cakes and candles, eaten in bed amongst the wrapping paper.
After swimming at Papoo it was off to lunch at Regents park. Mini wearing her baby pink shearling coat, a pristine hand me down from cousin Rebecca. Worn over her Argyll pink sweater dress from Ralph Lauren which I picked up in the sale last year in new York.
Ending the day with a walk in Holland Park and pancakes for dinner.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Funny Faces

So it's taken Phin 3 years and 8 months to figure out how to pull a funny face. It's now taken mini 3 seconds to copy. But then it does provide hours of fun.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's show time

Getting mini to take a snap nowadays is hit or miss depending on how the mood takes her. She'll give you a straight out yes or no answer, emphatically pronounced no less. Today was a no day followed by a cheeky grin. Seen here in her Gap Nordic all-in-one knit worn with navy poloneck, cobalt tights and new grey sale boots from Zara, she managed her first assisted backward roll on the high bar at little gym.

Book Worm

Little min is becoming a voracious reader. Nothing makes her happier than settling into the armchair with her mama and reading a good book. Faves at the moment include Janet and Allen arlberg's 'each peach pear plum' and 'peepo'. Both children's classics. Then there's the crazy stories of Macca Pacca and iggle Piggle in the night garden but my favourite is 'hubble bubble granny trouble' by tracey corderoy which mini got from her Grandma Eve for Christmas and it makes us both smile.
Today mini is wearing her H&M for the children floral dress, rose pink Bonpoint poloneck and saffron tights from Caramel. A little 1950's librarian me thinks.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Playin with the Raisin Girl

Back on British soil and Mini is rocking a fair isle chunky knit from Bonpoint. It's a gorgeous paprika colour with dashes of pink and cream and it's a fantastic hand-me-down from her cousins Gige and Josie. She wore it with her Gap skinnies and a hot pink bow and body from H&M.
Since minis feet had grown and none of her gorgeous footwear now fitted we decided to do some girls shopping and hit the sales. We lucked out at Zara where we picked up a pale pink brogue and rose gold crystal encrusted ballerina both for a snip at £17.99
Phin meanwhile was back at Strawberry fields and was flexing his Puss In Boots vibe. He is so obsessed with this film he made me cobble together an outfit for him, so he's wearing his mouse cardigan and 'where the wild things are' Uggs from godmummy daisy, his Cos Japanese denims topping off the look with my Venice Beach black trilby with an added feather plus woven vintage belt to carry his sword. Needless to say he swashbuckled all day.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Min is riding on Her pony

Min is riding on her pony.
Min is riding on her pony.
Min is riding on her pony, on her big fat pony!
Well, Phins pony actually but she don't care!
We spent the day down in Kent hanging out with Papow and grandma and their menagerie of animals before heading back to london with Beckett.
Phin and Mini both had a wonderful ride on Lulu McPherson (no relation to Elle but very similar physiques non?)
Mini decked out in her Tabasco knitted coat and denims from Bonpoint while Phin rocked his herringbone blazer from Zara over his Bonton grey hoody and Caramel skinnies. They then fought over who got to play with the sword of Phineas bejewelled with the stone of Minimus, amazing what papow can create with a garden cane, blue electrical tape and plastic tub lid but what else do you expect from the genius behind Art Attack.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Way back home

Here are Phin and mini absorbed in eating their sandwiches while all around them the heavens are opening up to an enormous tempestuous blizzard.
Somehow we managed to leave Arosa and made our way safely home. Well almost. We've stopped by Papow and grandma eve to pick up Beckett swift the Christmas gift and bring him home to west london.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Last night celebrations

It's our last night in Arosa. So as a special treat the kids got to come with for a typical Arosa evening. Our first idea was to take a horse drawn sleigh ride through the starry lit mountains up to the alpenblick restaurant. But the blizzard put paid to that. So we headed to the other end of town to the burestubli for a cheese feast and Phins first foray into fondue and raclette. The first he didn't quite get (that'll be the smell and the alcohol) but he totally went for the melted cheese. Think it was all the cheese scraping. Check out the pic of mini through the mound of raclette. We then all went sledging on the way home. Mini wore her gap knitted playsuit and I wore my Joseph oversize sweater to go along with the whole alpine knit theme. At least we were warm if a little wet after the deep snow sledge ride home.