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Monday, 30 April 2012

Anyone Can Be Cool

I just had to post this particular birthday card from Phin's uncle Piggle. It sums up Phin perfectly and made me smile.
It's from selling the wittiest greeting cards I've seen for a while.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mini & Me

Check us out flexing our face painting courtesy of Anna at snapdragon face painting

Super Hero Pals

Some super hero pals...

May The Force Be With You

Cool vid of Phin aka Darth

Party On Batman!

It was Phins birthday today and among many of the fantastic gifts he received he got a whole load of dressing up outfits. This morning he awoke in the guise of his hero Darth Vader (he always seems to go for the baddies, way more fun) complete with gloves and voice activator from his god mummy Daisy.
After swimming and lunch it was time for Batman to appear, ready for party time. And after wishing that mini would one day become Robin at the Disney Land wishing well his dreams came true when mama and Papa joined forces to create her look from Phins old American Apparel gym shorts and green T, a red knitted tabard, mr incredible eye mask, homemade Robin badge, mamas gold sequin belt and a yellow duster for her cape.
Meanwhile RS Currie & Co toy shop had been transformed into a shadow puppet theatre courtesy of Drew's Finger & Thumb Theatre. The kids were mesmerised by the fantastical stories and their faces transformed by Anna from Snap Dragon Face painting. A true artist. Just look at her Transforming Phin into Yoda!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Phin to the Rescue

It's Phins fourth birthday in a few days time and he will be getting loads of dressing up outfits from his favourite films. I'm a little sad that his home made outfits will soon be relinquished and taken over by a fair bit of polyester.
So before that happens I thought I'd share his creations with you.
The first is of Darth Vader (note the helmet with no eyes and the gloves) while his Batman in pic two still has his trusted baby cashmere blanket come cape and a home made papier mâché helmet made from half a balloon and two egg box cups. Genius.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bye Bye Indio

Bye Bye Indio California and the wonderful weekend in Coachella and back to L.A but before we leave the desert and it's fields of wind turbines we do a quick stop off at the outlet village. SJ picked up a few pieces but it's no match on our Bicester Village. That said Mini had fun trying on the shoes now if only they matched her new pale blue Bonton sundress.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Coachella fashion diary

So for those of you interested I thought a brief post on my festival wardrobe would not go amiss.
Firstly a huge thank you to our dear friends Stuart and Angela for inviting us and giving us access to the very best in VIP treatment with our artist passes. These enabled us to be whisked through and straight up to the front of the stage for prime viewing!
First day (third pic) was my J Crew cheesecloth dress with neon orange stripes. I'm afraid I then went a bit mad on the coordination with my matching Stella cork wedges and JCrew beaded necklaces and Asos shades.
Day 2 Isabel marrant tiered dress and turquoise earrings and finally Day 3 my Marni for H&M maxi dress and petal necklace. Been dying to wear it since I queued for hours to nab one. Paired it with my suede fringe bag from Wild Ones. Festival dressing sure is fun when there's no mud involved!
Bye bye coachella...

Coachella Day 3

Last day Coachella. We checked out Santagold/Beirut/Florence &the Machine and dr. Dre and Snoop. Phin rocked his coachella t-shirt and badge covered trilby.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Just a few more Disney moments

Just a few more disney moments... Mini rocking her Bonton aqua jumpsuit and Phin his Splendid stripes. But Especially loving Papa in his bow!

Hee soo swings by

And who should we bump into but the divine Hee Soo. She spotted Mini being chased by SJ. So thrilled to have some down time with her here

More Coachella day 2

Jumping to Jacques

Today we took the kids to Coachella to see our friend and Jagger's dad Stuart play in the Sahara tent. The crowds were pumped for Jacques Lu Cont and Phin and Mini went crazy dancing up a storm. Post show we went off to the VIP area to watch the Kaiser Chiefs and relax. Mini decked out in her white Stella tablecloth dress tried on other peoples shoes. She especially liked these Vans.

Chillin by the pool

Coachella doesn't get into swing until later in the day so chillin by the pool was the first order of the day.