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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Grrrr little bear

Poor papa doesn't get much of a look in when it comes to purchasing mini clothes but he couldn't resist buying her this knitted bear hat from The Gap. Chocolate brown like a Grizzly with charcoal fleece lining it has a huge attitude just like its wearer. Mini chose to style it with her favourite mouse scarf from H&M, her grey flannel pants and rose print blouse from Bonpoint, her chunky ruby red cardigan from Bonton and grey Vieja trainers. We went swimming with Papoo so ole grizzly kept her head warm post swim and during her lunch at 202. It's not the most kid friendly menu but our two certainly have refined taste; macaroni cheese with truffle oil. Our afternoon was spent lazing around at home taking things easy before I jet off on a whirlwind one day stop to Los Angeles for the Red March Cover shoot. So no fashion file for a few days but we'll be back at the end of the week. Fret not.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Girl Time

With me jetting off on a photoshoot this weekend and having been in court on jury service for what seems like forever I'm trying to pack in lots of Phin and min time. With that in mind mini and I dropped Phin off at kindergarten and rather than just grabbing a quick coffee before swimming we headed to the electric club for a bit of mama and mini quality time. Mini as usual stole my breakfast of scrambled eggs as well as polishing off her jam croissant. We lounged for half an hour before launching into an energetic swim class with best bud ray ray. Mini wore her leopard sweater dress for the first time today from Stella for Gap, accessorised with her dusky pink desert boots from Clarke's at
Stella did such a great job designing those collections I'm thrilled I bought things in advance for mini. I did feel a tad ridiculous buying an antique pink layered tutu for a hypothetical three year old who was still gestating in utero at the time but hey you cant say I dont love my fashion.

Busy Bee

Comfort was key today since mini was heading off to little gym but that can't mean we relinquish our style. Oh no. Not when we're having coffee before hand with Suzanne and Inacio from Clements Ribeiro. So mini wore her cashmere leggings and emerald ribbed poloneck from Caramel, Phins old Vieja grey trainers and her new Makie crackled silver fleece waistcoat that I picked up last year in NYC. It definitely adds just the right amount of sparkle to an otherwise snuggly and relaxed outfit. I'm pleased to say Mini rocked her class and followed it up with a round of tea making in the little gym kitchen, a read through their library section and then a quick dash to the supermarket with mama. All before lunch. Now that's a busy lady.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Daisy do

Mini and Phin had a blast ruling the roost at Automat on Sunday. Stealing mamas drink, pancakes and crispy bacon while Phin flashed his bottom and dived under the banquette. Despite her devilish attitude mini looked like she'd just stepped off the film set for the Great Gatsby. A modern day Daisy Buchanan with her curled bob, bow and pearls, She wore her gorgeous new knitted persimmon tunic from Caramel with panache. We teamed it with her rose body and peach ribbed tights for a tonal play on colours.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Autumn Leaves

Our Saturday's are usually spent doing the same old same old. And it was lovely to get back into that routine. After a few weeks off, due to runny noses and funny tummies, it was great to meet up with my dad, little bro and nieces and go swimming.
Afterwards Opi takes the four of us to lunch in Regents park. With blues skies and a relatively mild temperature we opted to sit outside and enjoy the autumn leaves and soak up the sunshine. Bliss.
Phin and mini had a great time stomping and swishing their way through the foliage. Phin was dapperly dressed in his Zara herringbone blazer, Bonpoint star scarf, Caramel skinnies and Vieja trainers. While mini wore her Caramel mustard, peach and blue floral dress. We've worn it all peached up to parties but today opted to pair it with mustard tights and her old beige knitted Bonpoint coat that's more like a cardi now shes shot up a couple more centimetres.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Snack a jack love

Mini is in love. With snack a jacks to be precise. Salt n vinegar just like her mama. I ate so many salt n vinegar things when I was pregnant I literally burnt off the roof of my mouth. Both my kids haven't fallen far from that tree and mini enjoyed her snack when we went to the playground. I'd been given the day off jury service and so we just hung out and had a blast. Then Phin and I had quality time together too. A little lunch after kindergarten at Westfield followed by jumping up and down at little gym. Super fun day with the kids.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bows bows bows

Inspired by The infamous Glee song mash ups we have decided to have a bit of a style mash up at our house. Part utilitarian with her Gap denim overalls, poloneck and Clark desert boots and part girlie with her H&M bow cardi and frilled socks. Mini's ready to rock Little Gym.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

November Deer

Its still November I hear you cry (although it could just be my inner monologue) but I couldn't help myself! I tried to wait until December before rolling out the festive knits but with chilly blue skies forecast for today id reached for this grey reindeer sweater dress from Stella McCartney before I could stop myself.
Mini wore it last year despite it swamping her and now it fits like a T. I've paired it with a pair of emerald green tights from Zara and matching bow for a truly festive look.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Bright Smile

Mini is all smiles today. Especially when her big bro is hiding behind my shoulder playing peek-a-boo with her. She just adores him. Today mini is wearing his old Bonpoint grey skinnies with a paisley Bonton blouse and dove grey crochet waistcoat from Little White Company. With mama off on Jury service for the next few weeks she will be ruling the roost.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pillar box beauty

Back on fine form, Mini was ready to party at cousin Nathan's 2nd birthday bash. Full to the brim with all her extended family from great aunts and uncles to cousins twice removed it was definitely a family affair. We used the occasion to showcase her Stella McCartney pillar box red coat. It may be a size 2 but boy is it snug, designed for someone a little leaner possibly but no less divine. It took mini some time to get used to its rigidity but she soon succumbed to its bold and structured charms.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Autumn days

We took things easy today as I became the last of our family to succumb to a school tummy bug. Phin was the first to fall foul, then mini, Tom the next and finally me. So it was pretty much pyjamas all day round our house but when I finally found the energy to emerge we all donned our tracksuits and leggings and off we trundled through the glorious leaves.
Mini was sporting Phins old cashmere. The charcoal track pants are from...... And her snowflake cashmere sweater from Bamford. She is wearing something new however, her aqua ribbed scarf, a beautiful gift from the girls at Caramel.
Phin rocked his Bonton thermal long johns with an old Bonpoint knitted coat that has morphed into a snug Cardigan and his new Ugg boots. They were a gift from godmummy daisy and are limited edition 'Where The Wild Things Are' covered in gold crowns. So excited they finally fit!

Thursday, 10 November 2011


So today was all about making wreaths for the Christmas fair. I spent the early hours of Tuesday morning scouring covent garden flower market for everything from the ribbon, baubles, spray paint, glitter fruit and berries to pine cones and butterflies with which to decorate our gorgeous wreaths.
And I can't believe how many creative mums there are at strawberry fields. Wendy and I teamed up and made wreaths ranging from the classical to the bright and sparkly. Beyond fun was had with the glue gun and I know they are going to sell like hot cakes earning our nominated charities much needed funds.
Mini was getting in on the festive fun with her intarsia grey and white snowflake knit and rust jeans from Bonpoint and cute squirrel scarf from H&M.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Haute Hippy

Minis rocking her hippy luxe look today thanks to the lovely Lucia. It's from Marie-Chantal and comes in a beautiful heather grey tunic with chocolate and tan cross stitching. It's a simple style but super comfy. We've paired it with a pair of chocolate ribbed tights from Zara (they do the best for colour/style/cost ratio), her mushroom poloneck from Bonpoint and her chipmunk chelsea boots. Happy days.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Candy Girl

Minis rocking a cool casual look today. I love her in Phins old diesel skinnies although to be fair it's a tough call when it comes to moving in them. Frankie Cocozza knows the hazard of a skinny only too well but he doesn't have the excuse of wearing a nappy to hinder him, his are just too tight.
Mini however rocked hers with a citrus blouse from Bonton, her denim blue handknit cardi from grandma Eve and a Cos quilted beaded necklace.
It may not be Christmas yet but strawberry fields nursery is already in full swing preparations for their Christmas fair next week. Today I helped decorate a few gingerbread houses. What fun! Below are a few examples of my work with jelly babies, strawberry spaghetti and flying saucers. It's wreaths on Thursday so watch this space for twigs, glitter and orange slices.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Oh Deer

Mini is tapping into quite a quirky trend of late - the deer print. A favourite of the season it's especially hip in silhouette and minis cream and charcoal cotton dress is nigh perfection. We picked it up in H&M in Germany on our last visit and the only thing I'm planning to do is swap the faux satin bow on the neckline for a slightly chicer grosgrain one and you'd never know it was high street.

Sparkle sparkle

Mini loved her first sparkler