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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mummy's little helper

So mini has already called dibs on changing nappies (even the poop ones) and singing lullabies to baby. While Phin is on for putting baby to bed and I'm on feeding and cuddle duty. That's all according to the book of Mini and what's going to happen once baby arrives.
In the meantime mummy's little helper set up the Moses basket for me in her CdeC floral shorts and top and bright green bows. Delish.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Rapunzel Rapunzel

Mini may have had her first trim in over a year! But her hair is still incredibly long.
After wearing it in tight plaits yesterday it was full on angel hair today. Fine golden waves cascading down those little shoulders.
To showcase her new hair style mini wore her giant peach bow hairband from H&M with a blue tank from Bonton and an apple print skirt and plimsoles from Mini Boden. The perfect outfit for a modern day Rapunzel.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

When Mini met Yana

Mini found a kindred spirit recently in the guise of Yana, her godmummy Karen's ten year old daughter.
Despite the seven year age gap, Yana proved her metal when agreeing to play babies with Mini all evening and then promptly compared hair accessories.
It's not surprising the two bonded, Yana has inherited her mother's chic seventies style (I'm already hankering after her cool coin pendant necklace picked up at the British Museum) and
the following day Yana generously gave Mini a ton of coloured bracelets and a pair of seventies style lilac sunglasses to add to her growing collection. A firm friendship was truly cemented.

Bank Holiday Bonkers

Since moving into the heart of Notting Hill, albeit temporarily, we have embraced our new neighbourhood with gusto.
And that of course meant not absconding during the carnival too!
Saturday was a rain day spent snuggling under duvets watching films and baking star war cookies.
Then on Sunday Phin and Mini ventured out to check out the music (a little too loud), the costumes (fantastic and feathery) and the coconut juice (an acquired taste) followed by a barbecue with great friends who dared enter 'ground Zero' as one of them put it.
And then onto Monday, where we spent the day away from the carnage at Papoo's house, blissfully lolling in his garden with daisy and woody. Heaven.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Little Foofa

As parents who grew up watching wacky 70's kids tv, we love nothing better than exposing our kids to alternative entertainment.
So when we discovered Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. - a high octane, fast paced up dated version of Sesame Street complete with giant zany looking characters and catchy songs - we were hooked.
Despite discovering it when phin was a baby, we still sing 'there's a party in my tummy, so yummy so yummy' on a regular basis, we have the plush talking toys and the small plastic versions of each character (mini is currently sleeping with robot Plex), however we were super excited when we stumbled on a giant fleece costume of Foofa in our nursery Christmas fair over three years ago. And although mini was just an infant, we knew one day she would wear it. And voila it now fits. Our own little Foofa.

Wear & Where part 2

Unlike the printed page, where you are limited as to how much you can write, the Internet blog holds no such restrictions!
So when the utterly divine blog Wear And Where asked me for a few style tips, I let it all out. So much so they had to split my post into two!
So here are a few pics from the post which is all about pregnancy style, beauty and skin care tips, kids wear and my ibiza home style. Enjoy!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Picnic on the lawn

I might be ready to pop but that didn't stop us heading out this morning to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. Mini has been hankering after seeing the fossils since she made her own at Strawberry Fields. So off we trekked. The queues made london fashion week scrums look like a mere walk in the park. This queue of pushchairs and tourists snaked around the building, seemingly without an end. But hurrah, the bump in all it's glory came in useful and we were ushered in the fast track lane.
After dinosaurs it was time for hot dogs on the lawn. Some fresh air and a rest. Heaven.
Phin wore his Hiho Batik t-Rex t-shirt for the occasion with his new pale blue Little Fashion Gallery pants while Mini was in sparkle mode. Flexing her new little fashion gallery gold mesh skirt, JCrew stripe glitter heart t-shirt, star print Gap hair band and red Frye cowboy boots she pirouetted for joy.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wear & Where

Today's post is less about Mini and more about me today.
I was asked by the fantastic blog Wear & Where if I would write a post about my style. And I was only too happy to help share my sartorial tips as well as what I'm loving for next season.
In fact I loved doing it so much I spilled the beans on kids wear, beauty and home - all of which will be featured in part 2 next week.
Watch this space

Good morning sunshine

Both my kids chose their clothes this morning. And once Mini had decided on an all yellow ensemble, Phin couldn't help but follow suit.
Mini chose her citrus yellow baby cord skinnies from JCrew and a matching cotton trapeze top from Bonton with her yellow Boden plimsoles while Phin was all in Bonton with his yellow seersucker shorts and soft double layered long sleeve t shirt and if course his Gap Batman trainers.
Perfect colour for a sunny day!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Driving in style

Before we become five and can no longer fit our family in Papa's car, we are taking advantage of the sunny weather and taking out the 1959 356a Porsche for a spin at every opportunity.
Today we were invited for lunch at Clivedon. I donned my new Zara sunnies and my Gucci floral headscarf, popped the kids in the back and off we scooted down the M40.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Monkey swing

My two are simply obsessed with dressing up and spend the day changing in and out of various costumes. From Peter Pan to astronauts they love immersing themselves in a new character. My favourite is when they add a little of their own flavour.
Today for some unknown reason mini donned a hat, scarf and gloves with her Belle princess gown. And was very proud to boot.
Later she put on some 'proper' clothes to head out to the playground and lunch. Phin's old peach jeans from Bonpoint, her Gap crochet top, JCrew necklace and Boden silver brogues. But my favourite thing was that she allowed me to plait her hair in afenschaukeln, or monkey swings as they are known in germany. My mum used to do this hairstyle on me and I love the retro feel of it.
It's not too difficult. Just centre part the hair and plait each side. Then take a small elastic and fasten at the end of the plait. Double the plait under itself and fasten under the elastic. Then add a bow et voila.
Finally a pic of me and my new sunglasses. I'm loving their bold shape. They remind me of a pair I've been hankering after from The Row but as they're from Zara they're a snip at £17.99. Easy investment for some fun fashion.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Cookie Time

After yesterday's sunshine, what to do when you wake up to rain? Bake! That's what. Phin & Mini donned their chef outfits and proceeded to mix, measure and eat raw dough (the best bit of baking don't you think?)
And when the sun came out, what could be better than a bit of naked strumming on the Ukuele.