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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Clothes stealer

Mini has often taken to raiding my shoe closet and walking around the house in a pair of bejewelled Miu Miu's however until now she hadn't quite cottoned on to trying out my clothes. That was until she met a gorgeous little six year old called Sofia who wafts around in her mother's attire at all times. Of course mini had to follow suit and promptly donned my top shop hippy dress and sun hat.
Meanwhile when we were in Mykonos last week for a friends wedding I raided the local shops in the old town for their soft cotton shirts for Phin, the perfect Grecian summer sandals and also to buy me and my girls matching embroidered tops. Not sure matching all three of us is particularly cool but the inner coordinator in me couldn't help myself!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


The blissful thing about having another girl was knowing all of minis clothes would not go to waste. It's not always worked out with mini having been born a spring baby and Ottilie an autumn one, meaning often Ottilie is either too big or too small for some of mini's cast offs. However today She wore an old red swallow print romper from Stella McCartney and I loved seeing it again. Mini wore it at 25 months in ibiza and although Ottilie at almost 11 months doesn't quite fill it out and there's no sign if walking yet, it does look equally as gorgeous on that same island we love.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to pack like a pro

I've eased back into work at Red with an article in the August issue on how to pack like a pro. My job may seem all glamour and dressing up but a lot of it is all about choosing what goes with what, editing your choices and then making sure it all fits in the suitcase! Perfect training on how to pack for the summer when you've got three kids in tow.
Tom sweetly took this snap in our driveway in Ibiza, and the kids took no persuading to jumping on our jeep. I couldn't help styling everyone up in hues of blue and white. Phin in his Crew cuts tie-dye T-shirt, shorts and hat while Mini and Ottilie wore their matching cornflower sundresses from Caramel Baby and Child and me in my Isabel Marrant.
Check it out for my top tips and favourite buys for summer.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mini got creative

I got a bit of a shock yesterday when I got home. Mini had gotten a little creative with her best friend India and decided to chop off ALL her hair with the craft scissors. She looks incredibly distraught in these pictures but really that was just because we were all so shocked and angry. She was initially rather quite proud of her efforts. I was of course having an internal heart attack and it was only the thought of a stiff drink later at the Serpentine Summer party that was getting me through it all. Luckily my fantastic kids hairdresser Line sprung into action, racing over on her bike and snipped it into shape. The only annoying thing now is how much everyone is loving her new hair! I'm thrilled it worked out but at the same time I'm not quite sure it hammers the message home.
Meanwhile Phin excelled as the strong man in his drama club play. We went for a 1970's vibe cobbling his look together with a vest, American Apparel shorts, Mothercare socks and my Dad's water dumbbells and he rocked it. Mini of course had to get in on the act and although she was only in the audience she proudly donned a moustache to finish off Phin's look.