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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Up Up and away

Our little tinkerbell is running up a storm, she runs so fast she's nearly taking off. Especially in her fairy wing Stella ensemble. It's a little Music Hall but this little 50's style number which is now on sale at 50% off is simply yummy.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Romper Love

I love a romper. It's easy dressing, especially on a hot and sticky day. They are no longer just plain old cotton jersey with poppers along the seams, mini has a whole host from ruffle edged to bedecked with fairy wings. They're a sort of playsuit slash 1950's swimsuit combo, the perfect antidote to tripping up on dress hems, especially when walking is still a novelty. Today's is from Danish designer Christina Rohde and is in the sweetest paisley edged in stone lace. We've added a pink Bonpoint cardi, peach bow and beige Mary-janes. But the main reason I really love a romper is that I get easy squidge access to those infamous thighs.

Love Story

Oh my, Mini is in love and thank heavens the feeling is mutual. Ava is Minis first girl crush and they dote on each other. Ava is at kindergarten with Phin but spends most of her playdates with him trying to kiss mini and holding her hand or rolling around on the bean bag together. Mini is in heaven with all this attention. And it certainly helps that their respective mothers are mad about each other too. So it's pretty much an all round love in.
Ever the stylish one for her rendezvous mini is wearing possibly one of my favourite outfits ever. I love love love this white linen embroidered top from Ralph Lauren. It's almost like a vintage hankerchief has been made into a little summer top and when paired with her stella denim roll up shorts it's perfection.

Puffed up

It was a bold move putting mini in White linen shorts. And not one that paid off I might add. They may be a phin hand-me-down but he was surprisingly clean (somehow that trait hasn't lasted) but mini managed to coat them in a tomato sauce glaze by the lunchtime finale. They did look mighty fresh and pretty paired with her puffed sleeved and frill collared blouse from Marie-Chantal but it's nothing that a bit of hard scrubbing with a cocktail of Boots household soap and napisan won't get out. Thanks Penny for the tip! Works a treat.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Polka Playsuit

Finally the weather is heating up and so is Mini in her hot pink Ferrari. Or rather it's good at cooling her down in today's heatwave. Tom and Phin are lending a hand at filling it up and Mini is posing in her new purple and yellow polkadot playsuit by John Lewis from Shelley and best bud Noah (big shout out for your 1st birthday today). We added a big yellow bow 'Little My' style (as does Phin in his red star Hartfords)  and a pair of crochet espadrilles by Ralph Lauren from a recent Bicester Village jaunt. Stylish summer indeed. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Festival Chick

Our little Min is already a festival queen at the ripe old age of one thanks to a rocking day of birthday celebrations in Warwickshire. Clever nick rented a stately pile to celebrate his 40th and loaded it with musicians, bouncy castles and an enormous ice cream machine, it couldn't fail to be a hit.
Mini didn't rock a festival look, opting instead to use the occasion to unveil her cherry embroidered smocked party dress from Auntie Peggy at the Linen Shop on Walton st. Incongruous yes, but hey she stood out from the crowd.
Mini was a big hit garnering kisses from all, the sweetest being from Phin's friend Ava whom Mini just idolises.
Oh and did we mention the kids sumo wrestling? Beyond hilarious. Phin could barely stand under the weight of the suit and collapsed happily in a giant padded heap.

Mini's got Milk

Minis got milk. Well actually it's Greek yoghurt which she is forever stealing from my breakfast bowl, but she does look like one of those Milk ad pinups. Today she's flexing a retro look with her Ralph Lauren knitted sweater dress hand-me-down from Grace and Alice. We went full on girlie with her pink frill edged socks and Mary James and contrasting green bow. Still can't stop squidging those thighs.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Funny Face

Mini is no Audrey Hepburn...yet. But she sure knows how to pull a funny face. Expressive indeed. On her way to little gym to flex her muscles and she's looking glorious in her tapered Bonpoint khakis, babydoll trapeze top and canary yellow cardi from Bonton and Phins little Pepe shoes.
And although she is perfecting her walk on a daily basis she still has the stance of someone doing 'the Monster Mash'. Who knows, it could catch on.

Anyone for tennis?

Ah the time of Wimbles is upon us. Mini's papa likes nothing better than an afternoon spent lounging on a sofa watching Wimbledon so he's started Mini off early with her plastic tennis racquet and ball. Of course our little fashionista does so in style. Williams sisters take note, mini is sporting the hot lace trend of this summer with her navy lace and tulle party dress from The Gap. A trend which will still be relevant next winter, so be sale savvy and snap up some lace, preferably in off beat shades like navy, peach, terracotta and chocolate and of course the ubiquitous black.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Charlie's Angel

Ah those were the days when I ran round my house in a bikini with one of my brother's bibi guns, a strangely odd thing to do age 8 but then i was obsessed with Charlie's Angels, Jacqueline Smith was my heroine and im in no doubt she would have looked mighty fine in this denim frill edged jumpsuit from The Gap that Mini is sporting today. Crime fighting was not on her agenda today, a playdate with Aurelia instead but nevertheless she was ready for action.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rose Bud

What a cheeky monkey. She may look like a perfectly behaved princess but she sure knows how to pull a face. Placid is not a word I'd use to describe my daughter. At one year old she's certainly showing signs of a wilful, feisty and opinionated temperament. But then I'm no shrinking violet so what was I expecting?!
Today we celebrated fathers day with lots of friends and a sumptuous brunch. Mini used the occasion to unveil her new rose bud dress from Trotters given to her by Phins old nanny Tata. It's so darn pretty in a 1950's retro Americana way, with a big bow at the back and edged in White ticking. We accented the outfit with a lime green hair bow and lots of attitude.

Cream Dream

Mini is waiting here for her twice weekly swim at Papoo's house. Saturdays is cousin time and she simply adores her older cousins Gige (pictured below) and sister Josie.
She's not particularly generous with her kisses but Gige got two consecutive ones today. After practising her dives and kick kick kicking we head off to lunch with Papoo in tow. We like to get dressed up for the occasion even if it's only the cafe in Regent's Park. So in honour of her weekly restaurant jaunt Mini is sporting her new cream polka dot dress from The Gap. A birthday gift from her tante Poppy, it's edged in cream lace and comes with the frilliest of matching knickers. Beyond cute. We've added a cappuccino coloured bow from peach ribbons courtesy of the lovely Lucia.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Bouncing baby

Mini loves her pinktastic trampoline. Click to watch her bounce...

Guitar Hero

Rock on Mini! Our little performer was testing her guitar skills today, strumming and plucking chords to a rocking rendition of baa baa black sheep. Minster is sporting her Dandy tshirt dress again adorned with a big bow with stars and her little gold ballet pumps from Baby Bloch. A perfect showcase for those squidgy thighs. Delicious.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Supermarket Sweep

Not only does the elegant Ari give make-up tips to our future Queen but she's also a dab hand at sourcing the most stylish of baby clothes at cut down prices. This heavenly aqua floral dress may come from a supermarket, but it's a French supermarket. And Ari stocks up on a whole array of fantastic dresses, tops and Bonton'esque knitted cardigans at a smidge of the cost. Thrilled Mini caught some of the haul.
Mini and i also did an H&M dash yesterday and picked up her first pair of silly sunnies. She loves hamming it up and pouting while keeping these hilariously daisy shaped floral sunglasses on her nose.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


A Fab ice lolly is one of my favourite treats, the fresh raspberry sorbet dipped in milky cream and covered in sprinkles. Thanks to godmummy Karen, Mini is just as delicious in her retro Dandy T-shirt. I love the 70's typography and bold mix of colours. I've paired it with her red skinny jeans from the Gap and her fuchsia cardi From Bonpoint and a lovely big MC bow from Nazli which highlights her pineapple hairstyle perfectly (a style I might add that my own mother loved to give me!)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Milly Molly Mandy

Mini looks like something from a 1950's Milly Molly Mandy book. The little babydoll dress with little ankle socks and Mary Janes is a look favoured by the uber stylish Sarah Jessica Parker for her two year old twins Tabitha and Marion. And its a look i love. Its easily accomplished by making Mini wear a dress that was designed for someone six months younger and what with her expanding waistline, i think this may be its last showcase on fashion file. Her heart print body in pale pink and red and her micro polka dress come from Bonton, the lace edged socks are from the Gap and her shoes from H&M.

Purple Pantaloon

My plump princess is sporting her purple pantaloons like someone out of a Shakespearian play. Her namesake Hermione from a Winters Tale may not have worn these herringbone shorts festooned with bows from Zara nor a knitted doublet from Bonton and footless tights from Stella for Gap but it's a perfect layered look for doing battle with the british weather.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Friday, 10 June 2011

Dandelion Diva

I may be away in Mykonos but Tom has sweetly emailed me todays pic so that mini can still showcase her fashion nous. The thing I love about Mini receiving so many gorgeous clothes for her birthday (apart from that it saves my wallet) is that they've made me spread my fashion wings. Styles or colours I may not have veered toward on my own are shown to work beautifully on Mini. A case in point is this brightly coloured dandelion pom pom print dress with it's gorgeous matching knickers. It's from the lovely Laila and her daughter Anastasia and is by Cherokee. I love the bold mix of neon pink, yellow and navy worn with an old super small cardigan of Phins its now a bolero coupled with her JCrew pearls and it's perfection.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Paisley princess

Check out these gorgeous thighs! Scrumptiously squishy and showcased to perfection in a Calypso for Target elephant print romper.
We love Calypso as our destination store in both La and NYC and couldn't believe our luck at their collaboration with the budget conscious Target. The range is huge, Womenswear, children's and homeware all done in bright colours and ethnic inspired prints at an affordable price. So a huge thank you to Kristin and Scout for the heads up and for sending our gifts over the pond.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Singing in the Rain

Talk about torrential. There was no way we were going to get to kindergarten dry without some major intervention. Phin had his rain poncho and wellies to hand, I had the ubiquitous trench and fedora and Mini well she pulled out her new floral rain mac from Stella McCartney. Daisy may be Phins godmummy but what the heck if she spoils Mini too. And this beyond scrumptious primary coloured naïf floral print with matching sundress is to die for. Edged in red with covered buttons and even an attachable hood and tie belt it's not only practical but ridiculously cute. She drew many an admiring gasp when grabbing a croissant this morning in the coffee shop.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mini's riding on her PJ...

Oh the jet set life the Minster leads! And if your going to fly in style, you've got to dress in style. Forget the comfort of a Juicy velour tracksuit and a pair of Uggs topped off with a pair of sunnies and your hair in rollers, instead Mini and i went for A-list summer style with our matching summer dresses. Both cornflower blue cotton edged in beige broderie anglaise, mine Catherine Malandrino, Mini's from The Gap. Topped off with my ASOS  retro shades and chartreuse Panama hat. And with Mini building up her strides day by day, what better way to learn to walk than up and down the aisle of a private Jet.

Little piece of Heaven

A glimpse from our run down Ibithencan farmhouse. Our little piece of heaven...

Cherry pie

We may be home (and not so dry) but Phin and Mini have taken a bit of ibiza with them. These two little club kids look cute as cherry pie in their matching Pacha t-shirts. I opted for the classic style which has a cool seventies feel especially when paired with either Phins skinny denim from The Gap or Minis rocking denim cut-offs from Stella McCartney. Thanks to Daisy for creating such denim envy, they showcase Mini's delectable thighs to perfection! With her cute White sandals and her forest green bow even Phin can't resist leaning in for a quick kiss!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Little China Girl

> The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hooray! The min has got her hat on and she's coming out to play.
> Well sort of, the sun has been a bit ambivalent this holiday and is being a tad temperamental but for the moment its beaming. She's keeping shaded with her multicoloured straw pagoda hat another great find from Couverture and The Garbstore for her last day on our favourite island. She's wearing it with her brand new Paisley print romper. It's a gift from her Opi and comes from the Danish designer Christina Rhode at Hop Like A Bunny. Its trimmed in beige lace and buttons down the back like a grandad all-in-one!