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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Festival Chick

Our little Min is already a festival queen at the ripe old age of one thanks to a rocking day of birthday celebrations in Warwickshire. Clever nick rented a stately pile to celebrate his 40th and loaded it with musicians, bouncy castles and an enormous ice cream machine, it couldn't fail to be a hit.
Mini didn't rock a festival look, opting instead to use the occasion to unveil her cherry embroidered smocked party dress from Auntie Peggy at the Linen Shop on Walton st. Incongruous yes, but hey she stood out from the crowd.
Mini was a big hit garnering kisses from all, the sweetest being from Phin's friend Ava whom Mini just idolises.
Oh and did we mention the kids sumo wrestling? Beyond hilarious. Phin could barely stand under the weight of the suit and collapsed happily in a giant padded heap.

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