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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cream Dream

Mini is waiting here for her twice weekly swim at Papoo's house. Saturdays is cousin time and she simply adores her older cousins Gige (pictured below) and sister Josie.
She's not particularly generous with her kisses but Gige got two consecutive ones today. After practising her dives and kick kick kicking we head off to lunch with Papoo in tow. We like to get dressed up for the occasion even if it's only the cafe in Regent's Park. So in honour of her weekly restaurant jaunt Mini is sporting her new cream polka dot dress from The Gap. A birthday gift from her tante Poppy, it's edged in cream lace and comes with the frilliest of matching knickers. Beyond cute. We've added a cappuccino coloured bow from peach ribbons courtesy of the lovely Lucia.

1 comment:

  1. yes yes yes mini you are a dream in cream. love the cappuccino bow. so funny how the GAP gets kids clothes right. i wish the prices in the UK were as good as ours. Let me know if you ever need a collection beamed across the pond.
    kristin and scout