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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Autumn Bloom

Now Phins at big school with a uniform and all, it's certainly cramped my shopping style. With only two days to wear his wonderful wardrobe coupled with his fixation with all things super hero (when is he ever not in a mask and cape?) it means I rarely buy him anything new to wear (bar that amazing H&M collection). However this has meant I've had to put my focus elsewhere and mini has come up trumps.
I recently splurged on a few new pieces from Bonton and had them sent over from Paris (chk out their online store and bought her this heavenly floral smock, puce poloneck and my favourite, their signature velvet Mary-Janes in cranberry. Good enough to eat.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Last night was the British Fashion Awards and I got to celebrate the night with two of my best friends, Annabel and Natalie. It was glam central at the Savoy Hotel where first we walked the red carpet and had our photos taken. No one cared who we were but i made Natalie do it for fun. Hey our looks were too glamorous to waste. We then had cocktails followed by the awards.
Gemma Arterton and Grimmy from Radio 1 hosted and we whooped for joy at the winners from Jonathan Saunders to Roksanda Illincic and Manolo Blahnik. But the best speech went to double winner and Designer of The Year Stella McCartney. And I felt especially proud to be wearing one of her creations for the event. It made me feel like a goddess and my angel hair curled by my dear friend Anya finished off the look perfectly. I added a gold sequin bag from my mum which uncannily looks quite similar to minis gold sequin purse she's been carrying round of late and then we partied hard.
I'm feeling it this morning.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Silver thread

We're going festive a smidge early. I blame the radio. They're already belting out Christmas tunes galore so mini and I decided to add a little Christmas sparkle to our wardrobe.
The primary feature was of course minis new big silver bow from I Love Gorgeous which picked up on the lurex thread in her Bonton knitted waistcoat (last years but unbelievably it still fits). We paired her Bontpoint frilled blouse with Phins old flannel pants and suede boots for that perfect masculine/feminine look and well mini likes nothing better than wearing her big bros old clothes. Despite owning many chic cover ups, it's his grey duffle that's her favourite. The perfect throw on for such a windy day.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


It's bulb planting time and there's nothing I like to do more than fill up my old flower pots with either narcissi, hyacinths or amaryllis and watch them flourish into a gorgeous display.
They're not tricky to do at all. I buy my bulbs from either the flower market or my local florist and some potting earth from Homebase along with some drainage balls.
Then I cut a black plastic bag and lay into the base of the basket or pot to stop any water leaks. Add a layer of the drainage balls (they look like mini maltesers) and then add the earth on top. I plant the bulbs quite closely together and water. Then I add a layer of moss on top. I often buy berry twigs or pussy willow to then put in between the bulbs. They look super pretty and add an extra festive feel but they can also act as a great support when the bulbs start sprouting. And finally I've added some pine cones at the base (they came with some old pot pourri I discarded ages ago), you could even spray paint them in a silver or gold for a festive feel. And voila. A great centre piece that lasts way longer than freshly cut flowers.

Little Duck

Mini wore her little duck red corduroy dress today. It's the perfect childhood nursery rhyme dress and is a delightful hand me down from friends Grace & Alice. The little white ducks which remind me of Grandma and Papow's even have tiny red and white gingham bows around their necks. Needless to say Mini got plenty of compliments. However her fashionista side seems to be taking over. As soon as she got home, it was straight to the cupboard to swap out those cream tights for her silver leggings she wore as R2D2. Interesting sartorial choice.
She's standing in front of what's known as Phin's house despite being found in her bedroom and was one of those impulsive buys from H&M's For the Children range. It cost £35 and is made in a wonderful plain canvas with a hand painted feel and it was a bugger to put up. We do spend lots of time reading and playing in it so I'm pleased I indulged.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Chocolate Face

Mini is proving rather tempestuous of late. She's more 2 going on 16 at the moment with plenty of strops and eye rolling. She's definitely keeping the rest of us on our toes.
However at her friend Sophia's 2nd birthday party she couldn't have been more charming. Decked out in her cousin Josie's old knitted Ralph Lauren Argyll dress she joined in all the party games while big bro Phin ran around in his Spider-Man outfit. If there's a party, he NEEDS to come as a superhero. It took a huge amount of persuasion to get him not to wear the mask, he just couldn't understand why this would terrorise a bunch of under twos!
Phin and Mini also relished the raffle prize I won at the SF Christmas fair. Two pretty little cups with chocolate swizzle sticks ready to melt into a warm mug of hot chocolate. I think both their chocolate taches look a tad Guy Fawkes to me and their little chocolate faces made me smile.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Fair

So after all our hard work we got to enjoy the fruits of our labour. The kids got their gifts from the wish tree, we bought lots of home baked cookies and picked a folk summer dress for mini for £5 and of course we got to meet Santa. Mini was a little scared but Spider-Man was full of confidence and bantered with our bearded friend with ease. Mini garnered much praise for her Ralph Lauren reindeer dress and we all went home a little high on sugar and an early appearance of Christmas spirit.

Christmas Fair 2

I got busy this year not just with the gingerbread houses and wreaths but also with decorating the church hall with nine trees. I love decorating but this took things to the limit. Luckily we have a few more weeks before I decorate our own tree. And I can't wait to hear how much we raised for the Colville primary school garden project.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Autumn Leaves

I love minis outfit today all made up of some rather fabulous hand me downs. Especially these chocolate velvet shorts from Bonpoint courtesy of cousins Gigi & Josie and big bros cashmere cardi. I even managed to finally get Mini to wear a hair band all day! It's from H&M's for the children range and is a gorgeous antique flower print corduroy band.
While papa and Phin went to a school birthday party mini and I enjoyed the glorious sunshine pushing baby Betty around the park, swishing our boots through all the leaves and jumping in muddy puddles. Such fun!

Autumn Days

Just a few pics of how glorious Holland Park is looking at the moment

Friday, 9 November 2012


 What a surprise i had today when i went down to Somerset House to view the new Spring Summer collections from Boden. Gone were their sweet but often brash motifs and primary colour palette and instead we were enticed with playful retro prints and an electrifying colour palette of watermelon and citrus brights as well as soft ice cream colours and some fantastic accessories. Its definitely taken a leaf out of JCrew yet given it its own British spin. The verdict: I want it all for Mini Now! Bring on Spring.

Another exciting addition to the Boden range is Johnnie B. It ranges from 8-16 and this retro sundress is heaven as are the pieces below
Colourful denim
Love these hot pink sandals

these multi coloured high tops are sizzling

The perfect summer Kaftan for teens

Love the contrast detailing on these floral print sneakers

fun espadrilles. i especially love the sunglasses ones

And this quilted Indigo jacket lined in a rose bud print is quirky but practical

                                                              MINI BODEN
Mini Boden is where i will now be going to shop for Phin & Mini this spring. I adore these Bensimon style plimsoles. my fave is the citrus yellow

Love the gros grain ribbon tie round these slouchy fit pants

Retro swimwear

This linen skirt is embroidered with bright neon sequin circles, the top is your classic breton stripe turned on its head in neon orange and its paired with a neon pink polka scarf to finish off the look. But its the silver glitter sandals edged in yellow that are making me smile.

I'm loving this bold circle print tunic top and rolled up shorts but maybe that's the Marni girl in me.

Naive bright print sundress

How adorable is this parrot print skirt and turquoise ruffle sandal?

So Talented Mr. Ripley. Amalfi here we come
And finally something for Phin! There were also some great pieces for boys including candy coloured oversized gingham shirts and off beat coloured Breton stripes, great coloured chino shorts and trousers and fun swim trunks too, but I know these trainers are going to capture his heart.