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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Baby shower

I certainly wasn't expecting a baby shower. Not with no.3 but I was quickly reprimanded by my gorgeous girlfriends and told that was no excuse.
And so I was spoilt this week by my friends Daisy, Kim and Tania who co hosted a luncheon for me, my burgeoning bump and my posse of loyal girlfriends.
And what a treat we had. Daisy had organised gluten free cupcakes in lieu of the traditional place cards on the table. And I loved that my name was too long and needed two cakes.
The theme was lilac and blue since we are expecting a surprise and Tania created a menu to tickle our taste buds to the extreme.


  1. my mouth is watering and i am buzzing with excitement. my mother said to me yesterday, when is deborah due? what is she having? I said, i don't know and I don't know. well you need to ask her, tell her your mother wants to know. love and excitement from the frogs on this side of the pond.

    1. how sweet of her! Tell her im due in september and we decided on having a surprise. i didnt find out with phin and i did with mini and i have to say i prefer not knowing. tell her baby is happy, healthy and kicking me constantly.