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Friday, 5 September 2014

Bye bye fashion and flair school is here!

Oh dear the days of mini and I carefully selecting a gorgeous outfit and coordinating accessories are now banished to the weekend.
Minis fashion file is four and a half years old! (I can't believe I've been posting that long) and she's finally ditching the fashion in favour of a uniform, albeit a pretty dandy one at that.
Mini started school today. Proudly showing off her red gingham summer dress (rather shapeless and pouffy if you ask me) but we did add a little pizazz in the shape of her red gingham ruffle socks from John Lewis. The straw boater looks divine but wait til you see the winter headwear - even better.
But don't fret fashion filers, mini will still showcase her favourites, Ottilie will undoubtedly feature too and I hope to bring you some designer profiles and fashion tips and finds to boot.

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  1. Where is your dress from? It's lovely x