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Friday, 6 December 2013

Perfect portraits

Tom and I are celebrating ten years together and what better way to mark our time together than with a testament to the three gorgeous children we have made.
I've always wanted to have portraits done of the kids because although I snap away incessantly with my iPhone, having them painted on canvas is something different altogether. So it was serendipitous when my old friend, the fashion designer Sara Berman who I had worked with for years, styling and consulting for her eponymous label, decided to wrap up her label and take up painting instead. And unbeknown to me she was inspired to paint my children from the Instagram photos I post.
After getting in touch to see if she could use some more images for her work I wondered if she could imagine selling these first works to me? And lucky for me she agreed!
Tom, Ottilie and I visited her studio yesterday and had the most wonderful time catching up over a cup if tea, looking at her work and seeing her portraits of Phin, Mini and Ottilie close up.
Here they are...

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