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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Birthday Bike

Mini's pretty sharp when it comes to her birthday. When her big bro Phin got a new bike for turning six from his grandparents, she knew his old red bike would be winging its way to her. Little did she know, however what i had in store for it. A big old make-over. Off I headed to our local Cass art store to pick up a few cans of Montana Gold spray paint.
The first thing i got Mini's papa to do was dismantle the bike. I had thought of masking the entire thing but in the end it seemed simpler to just spray paint the frame and tape off the chain (that was before he tried to reassemble it post paint - tougher than we expected). First came the white, which was necessary anyway as the bike was a deep red. The best tip when doing this yourself is to let one side dry completely, this may seem obvious but I'm a tad impatient and if its still tacky it will stick to the newspaper underneath. It doesn't take too long, maybe a couple of hours. Then turn the bike over and spray the other side. In order to get the polka dots I bought white stickers from Rymans. I placed these on the bike and then sprayed it pink. Once it had dried I picked off the dots, revealing the white underneath. It has a matte finish rather than the usual pearlised bike finish but we love its originality and suits Mini to a T.
A very happy birthday bunny

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